Vision Statement

It is the vision of PIEAS to be recognized at the national and international level as an Institute of academic excellence with high moral and ethical values, providing synergy between scientific research and technological development for national security and socio-economic benefits, encouraging and fostering an environment of mutual respect and free exchange of thoughts, where lack of resources on part of deserving students is not an impediment to acquiring quality education.

Mission Statement

PIEAS is committed to excellence in science and engineering education. We seek to impart education in fields which are essential for the technological development of Pakistan and, in particular, to play a pioneering role in fostering the establishment of educational programs in newly emerging technological fields in the country. We accord the highest priority to meeting the current and future trained manpower needs of PAEC and other technical organizations.

We aim to provide a learning environment that fully stimulates the students' intellectual capabilities and also nurtures their personal development as future technological leaders. We are committed to ensuring the highest quality in all our endeavours, encompassing teaching, research, skills and developmental activities through an effective overarching quality enhancement framework.

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