PIEAS MS GAT Candidates on Regular Fee Basis (Session 2021-2023)
Following is a list of selected GAT candidates who are selected for MS Program (RFB) at PIEAS.
The selected GAT candidates will receive an SMS shortly about the details of next step within few hours. Please note that we CANNOT guarantee SMS delivery if your Telecom Operator, Network Operator, or any intermediate Service Provider blocks or drops SMS. Similarly if your mobile package has a certain facility of dropping bulk sms messages or if your mobile software performs such activity with or without end user concent/knowledge.
Date of Joining for MS 2021 is 22nd November 2021
Payment before deadline is mandatory (To secure admission)
The selected candidates are advised to read Offer Letter, accept it, answer few questions, print and deposit Fee Challan as soon as possible, after it is made available, but before mentioned deadline, otherwise the offer shall stand cancelled automatically.
Payment guidelines (Transaction Completion)
While depositing challan it is recommended that you request Bank Cashier/Manager that this is SEMESTER FEE CHALLAN, and Roll No is to be entered. It is NOT Application Processing Fee.
The cashier will enter the Roll No (printed on challan) in system to verify dues amount and due date.
It should be clear that cashier enter Roll No on Challan only.
(Application Number will not work. In addition the Roll No is to be typed exactly.)
Please make sure that bank staff completes your deposit transaction before you leave the bank. Please note down branch address.
In case bank staff or manager need any help they may call Manager Askari Bank Nilore Branch.
  List 1 - First Call
S No Application No Name of the Candidate
1 MSA-509429-2021 Arfa Gul
2 MSA-507545-2021 Saba Mumtaz
3 MSA-510851-2021 Amina Riaz Ali Goraya
4 MSA-503832-2021 Kinza Shabbir
5 MSA-504486-2021 Muhammad Hassan Zaheer Khan
6 MSA-509656-2021 MAIDA ASIM
7 MSA-509816-2021 Azka Bint-E-Ashraf
8 MSA-506030-2021 Muhammad Sajid
9 MSA-500808-2021 Uzair manzoor
10 MSA-500390-2021 Muhammad Asghar
11 MSA-510379-2021 Ayesha Ali
12 MSA-503928-2021 Eeman Fatima
13 MSA-504332-2021 Muhammad Aleem Shakeel
14 MSA-509965-2021 Mahnoor Abeer
15 MSA-502358-2021 Owais Hasan Sohail Hasan
16 MSA-509418-2021 Areeb Afzal
17 MSA-506666-2021 Ameena Hassan
18 MSA-507139-2021 Maryam Shahbaz
19 MSA-503558-2021 Muhammad Sami Ullah
20 MSA-502721-2021 Muhammad Nauman Zakki
21 MSA-506857-2021 Faisal Fiaz
22 MSA-501468-2021 Aqsa kanwal
23 MSA-500397-2021 Muhammad Sheraz Khan
24 MSA-504082-2021 Usama Bin Tahir
25 MSA-504489-2021 Ghunza
26 MSA-506146-2021 AsadUllah Zafar
27 MSA-504774-2021 Rabbia
28 MSA-501103-2021 Mariam Nawaz
29 MSA-510392-2021 Adam
30 MSA-510318-2021 Hamza Ali
31 MSA-500849-2021 Rida Shahzad
32 MSA-508915-2021 Khizar Khan
33 MSA-501433-2021 Nehal Atta Shaikh
34 MSA-505259-2021 Ahmar Habib
35 MSA-503003-2021 Habiba Malik
38 MSA-509648-2021 USMAN AHMAD
39 MSA-500321-2021 Javaria Ghafoor
40 MSA-501836-2021 Muhammad Sharyar
41 MSA-503929-2021 Basel Abdul Majid
42 MSA-509174-2021 Muhammad Hammad Sharif