PIEAS MS Candidates on Regular Fee Basis (Session 2021-2023)
Following is a list of selected candidates who are selected for MS Program (RFB) at PIEAS.
Date of Joining for MS 2021 is 22nd November 2021
Following fellowships will be granted, to RFP students, after the announcement of Zero-semester result.
1 Chemical Engineering (Process Engineering) 2 Fellowships
2 Computer and Information Sciences (Cyber Security) 2 Fellowships
3 Electronics (Systems Engineering) 2 Fellowships
4 Materials Engineering 2 Fellowships
5 Physics 2 Fellowships
The selected candidates will receive an SMS shortly about the details of next step within few hours tomorrow (16 Nov 2021). Please note that we CANNOT guarantee SMS delivery if your Telecom Operator, Network Operator, or any intermediate Service Provider blocks or drops SMS. Similarly if your mobile package has a certain facility of dropping bulk sms messages or if your mobile software performs such activity with or without end user concent/knowledge.
Payment before deadline is mandatory (To secure admission)
The selected candidates are advised to read Offer Letter, accept it, answer few questions, print and deposit Fee Challan as soon as possible, after it is made available after 16th November 2021, but before mentioned deadline, otherwise the offer shall stand cancelled automatically.
Payment guidelines (Transaction Completion)
While depositing challan it is recommended that you request Bank Cashier/Manager that this is SEMESTER FEE CHALLAN, and Roll No is to be entered. It is NOT Application Processing Fee.
The cashier will enter the Roll No (printed on challan) in system to verify dues amount and due date.
It should be clear that cashier enter Roll No on Challan only.
(Application Number will not work. In addition the Roll No is to be typed exactly.)
Please make sure that bank staff completes your deposit transaction before you leave the bank. Please note down branch address.
In case bank staff or manager need any help they may call Manager Askari Bank Nilore Branch.
S No Application Number Name of the Candidate
1 MSA-505960-2021 Muhammad
2 MSA-505271-2021 Tauseeq Hussain
3 MSA-504144-2021 Muhammad Adnan
4 MSA-503229-2021 Muhammad Haris Iqbal
5 MSA-500767-2021 Muhammad Ismaeel
6 MSA-502005-2021 Muhammad Abdullah
7 MSA-505538-2021 Mutee ur Rehman
8 MSA-503602-2021 Shaheer Arif Siddiqui
9 MSA-506753-2021 Shaban Gul
10 MSA-500065-2021 Muhammad Fahad Tariq
11 MSA-507352-2021 Mubashar Anwaar
12 MSA-501273-2021 Syed Jawad Ali
13 MSA-508948-2021 Abdul Tawwab
14 MSA-500280-2021 Naseer Ahmad
15 MSA-506864-2021 Sufyan Sabir Malik
16 MSA-502689-2021 Nouman Hashmat
17 MSA-503911-2021 SYED ASIM ALI SHAH
18 MSA-507985-2021 Saqib Sabir
19 MSA-502314-2021 Moeez Ur Rehman Qureshi
20 MSA-508304-2021 Muhammad Shahbaz Sabri
21 MSA-500031-2021 Ghulam habib
22 MSA-500018-2021 ALI HAIDER
23 MSA-501274-2021 Syed Ali Hamza
24 MSA-504388-2021 Shahbaz Shakeel
25 MSA-500936-2021 GHULAM MUJTABA
26 MSA-506714-2021 Muhammad Danish Zia
27 MSA-503304-2021 MUHAMMAD SOHAIB
28 MSA-507971-2021 Faizan Hakeem
29 MSA-504135-2021 Mehran Rahim
30 MSA-506406-2021 Shazia Nageen
31 MSA-505035-2021 EISHA-TIR-RAZIA
32 MSA-507997-2021 Muhammad Owais
33 MSA-504795-2021 Abdul Naveed
34 MSA-505432-2021 Ayesha
35 MSA-507369-2021 Mahnoor
36 MSA-505207-2021 Afaq
37 MSA-504744-2021 Seerat fatima
38 MSA-506526-2021 Alina Rahman
39 MSA-508665-2021 Muhammad Sohail
40 MSA-502114-2021 FAIQA YASMIN
41 MSA-506934-2021 Saira usman
42 MSA-506185-2021 Mansoor Ahmad
43 MSA-506563-2021 SAAD MUNIR
44 MSA-504247-2021 Zulfiqar Ali
45 MSA-502688-2021 Ayesha Nawaz
46 MSA-504059-2021 Muhammad Waqas
47 MSA-501931-2021 Kashif Ali Khan
48 MSA-500149-2021 Muhammad Idrees
49 MSA-509945-2021 Irfan Abbasi
50 MSA-506281-2021 Hina Jehangir
51 MSA-506347-2021 BAKHTAWAR
52 MSA-503757-2021 Shahzad Ameen
53 MSA-505147-2021 Muhammad Nouman
54 MSA-500211-2021 Abdul Rehman Khan
55 MSA-504222-2021 Khadija
56 MSA-505723-2021 Summar Raja
57 MSA-502388-2021 Ali Hafeez
58 MSA-503488-2021 Muhammad Abdullah
59 MSA-508652-2021 Sadia Kalsoom
60 MSA-505414-2021 Muhammad Rizwan Yousaf
61 MSA-502707-2021 Muhammad Tehaam
63 MSA-501883-2021 Asad Mehmood
64 MSA-503148-2021 Muhammad Haris Javed
65 MSA-505724-2021 Muqaddas
66 MSA-500999-2021 Muhammad Usman
67 MSA-502919-2021 Mirza Jahangeer
68 MSA-507389-2021 Ameena Khan
69 MSA-500011-2021 Muhammad Aamir Khan
70 MSA-505523-2021 Muhammad Hamza Tariq
71 MSA-505623-2021 Affan Younas
72 MSA-504810-2021 Muhammad Naeem
73 MSA-502204-2021 Hafiz Ahsin Raza
74 MSA-501619-2021 Abdul Haseeb
76 MSA-507999-2021 Talha Yousaf
77 MSA-505592-2021 Usama Aftab
78 MSA-505302-2021 Muhammad Sadiq
79 MSA-507715-2021 Umar Waleed
80 MSA-500140-2021 Umar Farooq
81 MSA-505728-2021 Saadia Mehrwer
82 MSA-503968-2021 Muhammad Shaheer Farooq
83 MSA-500833-2021 Haris Jamal Khan
84 MSA-508094-2021 Muhammad Ahmad
85 MSA-508052-2021 Muhammad Kashif Hassan
86 MSA-504320-2021 Kashif Amjad
87 MSA-507910-2021 Abdul Shakoor Akram
88 MSA-501062-2021 Muhammad Rehan
90 MSA-506379-2021 Muhammad Farooq
91 MSA-506321-2021 Mujahid Hussain
92 MSA-504732-2021 Furqan Shaikh
93 MSA-503957-2021 MUHAMMAD AMMAR
94 MSA-503094-2021 Rabbia Aslam
95 MSA-502585-2021 Muhammad Hamza Shaikh
96 MSA-503186-2021 Asad Ali
97 MSA-505162-2021 MOAZAM HUSSAIN
98 MSA-505220-2021 Muhammad Aaqib Illyas
99 MSA-505191-2021 Tayyab hussain
100 MSA-506372-2021 Ali Haidar
101 MSA-509035-2021 Adil Zulfiqar
102 MSA-502061-2021 Murtaza Ali
103 MSA-500216-2021 Muhammad Nouman
104 MSA-506119-2021 hassan Haider ali
105 MSA-501224-2021 Ali Hassan Bhatti
106 MSA-503926-2021 FATIR BURHAN
107 MSA-506971-2021 Arslan Ahmed
108 MSA-507091-2021 Sajid Bashir
109 MSA-504207-2021 Ameer Hamza Siddiqui
110 MSA-500008-2021 Hafiz Kashaf Zain
111 MSA-505803-2021 Taha Bin Zafar
112 MSA-504817-2021 HUKMRAN HUSSAIN
113 MSA-505381-2021 M. Zaid Shahid
114 MSA-500407-2021 Warda tu Zahra
115 MSA-504452-2021 Hamza Islam
116 MSA-500468-2021 Ubaid us Sami
117 MSA-504202-2021 Wajahat Ali
118 MSA-506248-2021 Bisma Naz
119 MSA-501837-2021 Muhammad Adeel Anwar
120 MSA-500010-2021 USAMA FAROOQ
121 MSA-504017-2021 Zubaid Ali Zafar
122 MSA-504708-2021 Taimoor Hasan Khan
123 MSA-505998-2021 Muhammad Talha
124 MSA-503559-2021 Muhammad Tahir Khan
125 MSA-503741-2021 Muhammad Junaid Jabbar
126 MSA-501942-2021 Khizra Noor
128 MSA-503967-2021 Tayyab Khalil
129 MSA-501908-2021 Ahsaan Gul Hassan
130 MSA-503853-2021 ABDUL RAUF
131 MSA-501346-2021 HUZAIFA GHIAS UD DIN
132 MSA-509435-2021 Nimra Fatima
133 MSA-500109-2021 MUHAMMAD HASSAAN
134 MSA-507923-2021 Muhammad Kashif Ali
135 MSA-500985-2021 Waseem Ullah
136 MSA-501997-2021 Rabeea Khan
137 MSA-501052-2021 Hassan Ali Butt
138 MSA-500160-2021 Muhammad Taha Zafar
139 MSA-501317-2021 SAMREEN ARIF
140 MSA-509316-2021 Muhammad Noman Javid
141 MSA-506958-2021 MUHAMMAD FAHEEM
142 MSA-502715-2021 Usman Ghani
143 MSA-500078-2021 Zubair badshah
144 MSA-506736-2021 Arqum Bin Wasim
145 MSA-509719-2021 Noman Shahid
146 MSA-506947-2021 NOUMAN SAEED
147 MSA-509256-2021 Karam Ellahi
148 MSA-505194-2021 HAMZA AMIR
149 MSA-502497-2021 Raees Ur Rehman Rashid
150 MSA-505991-2021 Furqan Mahmood Awan
151 MSA-505975-2021 RIZWAN ALTAF
152 MSA-500409-2021 ZEESHAN MUNIR RAJA
153 MSA-501372-2021 WAQAS ALI
154 MSA-505120-2021 Muhammad Arslan
155 MSA-510033-2021 Muhammad ALi
156 MSA-507281-2021 Muhammad Arshad
157 MSA-507127-2021 Bilal Ahmad
158 MSA-506157-2021 Ihtisham Noor
159 MSA-507490-2021 Abdullah
160 MSA-503609-2021 Zoya Ahmed
161 MSA-508135-2021 Shahzaib ahmed khan
162 MSA-502448-2021 Safia Zahid
163 MSA-509612-2021 Maryam Sahar
164 MSA-501498-2021 Samra Haroon
165 MSA-502199-2021 Dr Jaweria soomro
166 MSA-507671-2021 Roba Asif
168 MSA-506849-2021 Rabia Ashraf
169 MSA-506126-2021 Dr muizz Hassan
170 MSA-507742-2021 UMAR JAVED
171 MSA-502717-2021 Atika Nasir
172 MSA-502706-2021 Amna Mumtaz
173 MSA-500440-2021 Maaz Irfan Amjad
174 MSA-504443-2021 Muhammad Noman Aslam
175 MSA-502274-2021 Muhammad Umer Saeed
176 MSA-503556-2021 Muhammad Tayyab
177 MSA-501428-2021 Aamir Hussain
179 MSA-505428-2021 Agha Shahzaib Ali
180 MSA-500145-2021 Munam Ahmed
181 MSA-502496-2021 Atta Ur Rehman
182 MSA-503213-2021 Faizan Majid
183 MSA-501365-2021 Muhammad Abdullah
184 MSA-500950-2021 Muhammad Nauman Khan
185 MSA-505165-2021 Sohail Anwar
186 MSA-501210-2021 Zaeem Ul Hassan
187 MSA-500511-2021 Muhammad Nauman Tariq
188 MSA-502269-2021 Muhammad Ali Akbar
189 MSA-504304-2021 Muhammad Zunair Ali
190 MSA-504805-2021 Sami Ullah
191 MSA-505096-2021 GHULAM RASOOL
192 MSA-502779-2021 Basit Mehmood
193 MSA-504045-2021 Mohammad Saad Rafiq Siddiqi
194 MSA-501817-2021 Bilal Shabir
195 MSA-502186-2021 Haris Javed
196 MSA-504908-2021 Saleha Mushtaq
197 MSA-504936-2021 Ghani Khan
198 MSA-505050-2021 Muhammad Bilal
199 MSA-505052-2021 syed hameed hussain
200 MSA-504985-2021 Muhammad Usama Habib Shah
201 MSA-504607-2021 Abdul Moiz Sohail
202 MSA-504561-2021 Muhammad Kashif Mehmood
203 MSA-506841-2021 MUHAMMAD IMRAN
204 MSA-502847-2021 Muhammad Saifullah Shahid
205 MSA-501889-2021 Usama Asif
206 MSA-502211-2021 Khawaja Aneeq Akram
207 MSA-506989-2021 Inzmam Ul Haq
208 MSA-501631-2021 Umair Khalid
209 MSA-504993-2021 Muhammad Faraz
210 MSA-505587-2021 Wasif Rehman
211 MSA-506546-2021 Muhammad Zain Ul Abedin
212 MSA-503361-2021 Adil Iqbal
214 MSA-504638-2021 Muhammad Yousaf Malik
215 MSA-500012-2021 Abdul hameed khan
216 MSA-508485-2021 Usman Ghani
217 MSA-505571-2021 Muhammad Arifeen
218 MSA-505431-2021 Muhammad Asad Sardar
219 MSA-504586-2021 Muzamil Hussain
220 MSA-503367-2021 Abdullah Shah
221 MSA-500090-2021 Ali Murtaza
222 MSA-503539-2021 Mazhar Ali
223 MSA-508574-2021 Muhammad Ramzan Shaukat
224 MSA-503584-2021 Syed Muhammad Sajjad Haider Naqvi
225 MSA-500650-2021 MUHAMMAD ADIL
226 MSA-502457-2021 Ali Aaraf Gillani
227 MSA-507437-2021 Muhammad Ahsan Zahid
228 MSA-503860-2021 Ibtesam ul Haq
229 MSA-501597-2021 Malik Arsalan Ahmed
230 MSA-501168-2021 Muhammad Hammad Khan
231 MSA-503599-2021 Rabia Samreen
232 MSA-504090-2021 Muhammad Abdullah
233 MSA-505474-2021 ABDUL HADI NAEEM
234 MSA-504684-2021 Hassaan Sajid
235 MSA-505606-2021 Khalil Mansha
236 MSA-500304-2021 Bilal Abbas
237 MSA-500825-2021 Naima Sadiq
238 MSA-503012-2021 Kamil Khan
239 MSA-500470-2021 Hafiz Muhammad Yasir Bhatti
240 MSA-509551-2021 Adam Khan
241 MSA-503910-2021 Musab Zaman
242 MSA-503503-2021 KHOLAH MEHTAB
243 MSA-501573-2021 Saad Ahmed Usmani
244 MSA-501806-2021 Muhammad Usman Ahmad
245 MSA-502984-2021 MUHAMMAD RAMZAN
246 MSA-504751-2021 Hasnain Ali
247 MSA-504352-2021 Shamas Javaid
248 MSA-504939-2021 Usama Shahid
249 MSA-502060-2021 AYESHA  ALEEM
250 MSA-504748-2021 FAHAD AlI
251 MSA-505625-2021 Saqib Rehman
252 MSA-504655-2021 Saif Ur Rehman
253 MSA-501604-2021 Qasim Ali Khan
254 MSA-504507-2021 Touqeer Ahmed Khan
255 MSA-506177-2021 Syed Sajawal Shah
256 MSA-507716-2021 ALI EJAZ QURESHI
257 MSA-508720-2021 Fawad Ahmad
258 MSA-506245-2021 Huzaifa Zubair
259 MSA-507161-2021 Muhmmad Farhan Tariq
260 MSA-504447-2021 Rizwanul Haq
261 MSA-501897-2021 NADIR IJAZ
262 MSA-502205-2021 Hina Safdar
263 MSA-507200-2021 Ayesha Gul
264 MSA-509692-2021 TAYYABA EJAZ
265 MSA-505226-2021 Ansha Tayyab
266 MSA-505236-2021 Hafsa Riaz
267 MSA-504401-2021 Shumaila shaheen
268 MSA-502570-2021 Hafiz Muhammad Abrar Mehmood
269 MSA-509880-2021 Muhammad Qasim Sardar
270 MSA-505636-2021 Muavia Hussain
271 MSA-506390-2021 Muhammad Ramzan khawar
272 MSA-508259-2021 Ihsan ali
273 MSA-504513-2021 Musfira
274 MSA-501041-2021 Muhammad Saqib Munir
275 MSA-507584-2021 Muhammad Saqib
276 MSA-506111-2021 Muhammad Hashim
277 MSA-506501-2021 Hubdar Ali
278 MSA-505890-2021 Aasia Asghar
279 MSA-503751-2021 Ahmad Wadood
280 MSA-505214-2021 Rehman Rasheed
281 MSA-509361-2021 Muhammad Rashid
282 MSA-508700-2021 ISHTIAQ AHMAD
283 MSA-500038-2021 Junaid Rehman
284 MSA-501541-2021 FAISAL MEHMOOD
285 MSA-508722-2021 Muhammad Awais Khan
286 MSA-506513-2021 Nauman Tariq
287 MSA-501057-2021 Sonia Naz
288 MSA-504012-2021 Mohsin shahbaz
289 MSA-500708-2021 AHSAN SULTAN
290 MSA-502710-2021 Aqsa rehman
291 MSA-505645-2021 SYED BILAL ALI SHAH
292 MSA-503296-2021 Rizwan Ullah
293 MSA-509452-2021 MUHAMMAD UMAR ALI
294 MSA-501593-2021 Raheem Dad Khan
295 MSA-503093-2021 Muhammad Faheem Raza
296 MSA-507428-2021 Malaika Sada
297 MSA-500547-2021 Maria Sahar
298 MSA-501250-2021 Syedda Shaher Bano
299 MSA-507466-2021 Shumaila Khan
300 MSA-501002-2021 M Adnan khan
301 MSA-503092-2021 Kinza Arshad