Hostel Accomodation Status
Provisional Allotment
Hostel management will verify the addresses of the applicants on the day of registration/allotment from his/her CNIC.
If it is found that Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Wah or Taxila is written on the CNIC of the applicant then hostel management will cancel the booked room and not allot him/her a seat in PIEAS hostels.
Bring one additional passport size photo graph for hostel allotment at time of joining.
For remaining dues, challan will be enabled in your university registration portal 2 to 3 weeks after joining.
AFN Name Hostel Accommodation Status
BSA-108444-2022 NOOR FATIMA Confirmed
BSA-101198-2022 Esha Ahmad Confirmed
BSA-100376-2022 Fehmeeda Jahangir Confirmed
BSA-104749-2022 Eisha Raazia Confirmed
BSA-103848-2022 Hanana Asif Confirmed
BSA-100507-2022 Bushra Anwer Confirmed
BSA-101094-2022 AMINA AKBAR Confirmed
BSA-101038-2022 Fatima Shahid Confirmed
BSA-105290-2022 Hamna Shahab Confirmed
BSA-104645-2022 ALEEHA JAMAL Confirmed
BSA-103999-2022 Khadija Arif Confirmed
BSA-104543-2022 IZZA NOOR Confirmed
BSA-103880-2022 Mehwish Roqaiya Confirmed
BSA-105960-2022 Eshal Ali Confirmed
BSA-106065-2022 Ehmaan Shafqat Confirmed
BSA-105163-2022 Fajar Saleem Confirmed
BSA-101435-2022 UMM E MARYAM Confirmed
BSA-108103-2022 Aiman Ajmal Confirmed
BSA-101517-2022 Syeda Noor Fatima Confirmed
BSA-106960-2022 Laiba Nawaz Confirmed
BSA-102255-2022 AQSA SAEED Confirmed
BSA-104585-2022 Satwat Rahman Confirmed
BSA-100988-2022 Rabia Yaqub Confirmed
BSA-105834-2022 Eman Ahmed Butt Confirmed
BSA-105013-2022 REEHA FATIMA Confirmed
BSA-104296-2022 ANZA AROOJ Confirmed
BSA-103597-2022 Momna-tul-jannat Confirmed
BSA-102097-2022 Aqsa Ikram Confirmed
BSA-101153-2022 Sadiqa Tahira Confirmed
BSA-105758-2022 Sana Ijaz Confirmed
BSA-104376-2022 Javeria Yasin Confirmed
BSA-105764-2022 Nida Pervaiz Confirmed
BSA-108719-2022 Hadiqa Abdulsattar Nadeem Confirmed
BSA-106084-2022 Noor ul huda Confirmed
BSA-108735-2022 Aroosha Asif Confirmed
BSA-104239-2022 Fizza Faisal Confirmed
BSA-103512-2022 AYESHA NAEEM MIRZA Confirmed
BSA-106649-2022 Noorulain Afzal Confirmed
BSA-106396-2022 Bushra Fatima Confirmed
BSA-105757-2022 Asma Arshad Confirmed
BSA-102292-2022 Qandeel Fatma Confirmed
BSA-103526-2022 Mahnoor Fatima Confirmed
BSA-105253-2022 INSHA AFZAL Confirmed
BSA-105260-2022 BISMA AMJAD Confirmed
BSA-107753-2022 Shaheena Confirmed
BSA-111232-2022 Zunaisha Latif Confirmed
BSA-106083-2022 URWAH RASHEED Confirmed
BSA-101018-2022 Ayesha Nasir Confirmed
BSA-105408-2022 Fatima Batool Confirmed
BSA-100151-2022 AMINA BIBI Confirmed
BSA-102562-2022 Maimoona Muhammad Ali Confirmed
BSA-108929-2022 TEHREEM ASIF Confirmed
BSA-103678-2022 Qintar Shahjahan Confirmed
BSA-103523-2022 Sanam Rafique Confirmed
BSA-104441-2022 Jannat Farooq Confirmed
BSA-105316-2022 SIDRA IBRAHIM Confirmed
BSA-103932-2022 Muhammad Hammad Tahir Confirmed
BSA-100394-2022 Hamza Ali Khan Confirmed
BSA-103551-2022 Shahzad Ijaz Confirmed
BSA-104254-2022 Shaikh Ali Raza Confirmed
BSA-101355-2022 Ukasha Abbas Confirmed
BSA-105079-2022 Muhammad Daniyal Javed Choudhary Confirmed
BSA-100748-2022 Abdullah Ahmad Confirmed
BSA-104979-2022 Safi ur Rehman Confirmed
BSA-106697-2022 Khan Murad Amir Confirmed
BSA-110233-2022 Junaid dooast Confirmed
BSA-100037-2022 Shayan Haider Confirmed
BSA-102240-2022 Muhammad abdullah Confirmed
BSA-100180-2022 Muhammad Bilal Aziz Confirmed
BSA-103798-2022 Muhammad Mursleen Confirmed
BSA-100544-2022 Muhammad Ahsan Ali Confirmed
BSA-105722-2022 MUHAMMAD ZAEEM UL ISLAM Confirmed
BSA-101386-2022 Syyed Muhammad Taqi Shah Confirmed
BSA-108224-2022 Muhammad Mahmood Ahmad Confirmed
BSA-102800-2022 Salif Aroos Confirmed
BSA-105355-2022 M.Zarar Nabeel Confirmed
BSA-106563-2022 Abdul Rehman Confirmed
BSA-101466-2022 Subhan Amjad Confirmed
BSA-102049-2022 Muhammad Ali Nasir Confirmed
BSA-106144-2022 Khizar Irfan Confirmed
BSA-107424-2022 MUHAMMAD HUZAIFA Confirmed
BSA-109245-2022 Muhammad Ahmed Hassan Confirmed
BSA-106770-2022 Muhammad Huzaifa Bilal Confirmed
BSA-101477-2022 Muhammad Talal Haider Confirmed
BSA-105058-2022 Faiq Ahmed Confirmed
BSA-107763-2022 Furqan Azhar Confirmed
BSA-103363-2022 Muhammad Talha Confirmed
BSA-107040-2022 MUHAMMAD UZAIR Confirmed
BSA-100853-2022 Sufwan Mubeen Confirmed
BSA-102720-2022 Muhammad Niaz Confirmed
BSA-103234-2022 Muhammad Naveed Akhtar Confirmed
BSA-100514-2022 Haider Bin Nadeem Confirmed
BSA-101201-2022 Talha Razzaq Confirmed
BSA-102064-2022 Mati Ur Rehman Confirmed
BSA-103112-2022 Zohaib Ali Confirmed
BSA-105069-2022 MUHAMMAD TOQEER ARSHAD Confirmed
BSA-111174-2022 Mohammad Ibraheem Confirmed
BSA-107795-2022 Umer Farooq Confirmed
BSA-102702-2022 Muhammad Abu Bakr Hashim Confirmed
BSA-104556-2022 Hafiz Muhammad Farakh Mehmood Confirmed
BSA-106784-2022 Mirza Ammar Ikram Confirmed
BSA-100035-2022 Junaid Ahmad Confirmed
BSA-101231-2022 AAMIROON ISHAQ Confirmed
BSA-102070-2022 Shahbaz Ahmed Shah Confirmed
BSA-103707-2022 Muhammad Afnan Confirmed
BSA-101759-2022 Rayan Ahmed Confirmed
BSA-105721-2022 Mirza Abdullah Yousaf Confirmed
BSA-102086-2022 MUHAMMAD ARSLAN HAIDER Confirmed
BSA-109367-2022 Muhammad Adil Confirmed
BSA-103613-2022 ABDULLAH Confirmed
BSA-107002-2022 ALI HAIDER Confirmed
BSA-102890-2022 Shaff Ali Confirmed
BSA-100358-2022 Abdullah bin naveed Confirmed
BSA-103057-2022 Danish Abbas Khan Confirmed
BSA-103476-2022 M.Husnain Ashfaq Confirmed
BSA-100876-2022 Mudassar Rehman Confirmed
BSA-109091-2022 Muhammad Zubair Confirmed
BSA-105220-2022 Muhammad Umair Arif Confirmed
BSA-101715-2022 MUHAMMAD QASIM Confirmed
BSA-101729-2022 Muhammad Anees Akram Confirmed
BSA-103119-2022 Muhammad Own Raza Confirmed
BSA-103238-2022 MUHAMMAD REHMAN ASHRAF Confirmed
BSA-100245-2022 Haider Ali Confirmed
BSA-106127-2022 Muhib Kamran Abbasi Confirmed
BSA-104608-2022 MUHAMMAD SHOAIB Confirmed
BSA-107668-2022 Abdul Rehman Confirmed
BSA-101522-2022 MUHAMMAD UMER RIAZ Confirmed
BSA-106006-2022 malik faizan afzal Confirmed
BSA-105961-2022 Abdul Moiz Confirmed
BSA-104339-2022 Roman fairooz Confirmed
BSA-110487-2022 Ali Hassan Confirmed
BSA-103516-2022 Waleed Abbasi Confirmed
BSA-100452-2022 Abdul Ahad Confirmed
BSA-101828-2022 Muhammad Ali Athar Confirmed
BSA-103660-2022 Muhammad Hammad Zulfiqar Confirmed
BSA-102285-2022 SAQIB JAMAL Confirmed
BSA-107337-2022 Attaullah khan Confirmed
BSA-104139-2022 ABDUL WASAY Confirmed
BSA-107837-2022 Nouman Rabnawaz Confirmed
BSA-105245-2022 Syed Ali Jalal Confirmed
BSA-103157-2022 Abid hussain Confirmed
BSA-107847-2022 Muhammad Mehmood Sajjad Confirmed
BSA-103718-2022 MUHAMMAD RAYYAN Confirmed
BSA-108067-2022 Muhammad Ali Qadri Confirmed
BSA-103981-2022 Hammad Ali Confirmed
BSA-108466-2022 TAHA NADEEM Confirmed
BSA-102701-2022 MUHAMMAD FAHAD Confirmed
BSA-100811-2022 Muhammad Umar Inayatullah Confirmed
BSA-100790-2022 Abdul Qayyum Confirmed
BSA-102955-2022 Talal Hassan Confirmed
BSA-103397-2022 Hammad Abuzar Confirmed
BSA-105926-2022 MUHAMMAD AWAIS RAZA Confirmed
BSA-104897-2022 Muhammad Abdullah Confirmed
BSA-104281-2022 Tasewar Murtaza Ahmad Confirmed
BSA-107228-2022 Muhammad Zeeshan Sameer Confirmed
BSA-102906-2022 MUHAMMAD SARUM ADEEL Confirmed
BSA-107190-2022 Mian Saad Karim Confirmed
BSA-110913-2022 MUNEEB SAJID Confirmed
BSA-101213-2022 MAAZ MOHSIN Confirmed
BSA-110573-2022 Muhammad Aun Raza Confirmed
BSA-100981-2022 MUHAMMAD MAAZ SALEEM Confirmed
BSA-104190-2022 Muhammad Suleman Haider Confirmed
BSA-101129-2022 Muhammad Abdullah Khan Confirmed
BSA-101471-2022 Farooq Ahmad Confirmed
BSA-101719-2022 Muhammad Arslan Nadeem Confirmed
BSA-104085-2022 Muhammad Hanzla Confirmed
BSA-105265-2022 Shehar yar Confirmed
BSA-105987-2022 Muhammad Mabroor Ahsan Confirmed
BSA-105966-2022 Huzaifa Ahmad Confirmed
BSA-100010-2022 Abdul Sami Confirmed
BSA-107106-2022 Mushahid Hussain Confirmed
BSA-101484-2022 Syed Hassan Raza Confirmed
BSA-100073-2022 MUHAMMAD JASIM Confirmed
BSA-100868-2022 Maaz Ahmad Confirmed
BSA-107429-2022 Muhammad Musa Confirmed
BSA-102727-2022 Muhammad Umer Confirmed
BSA-107478-2022 AHMED MUSTAFA Confirmed
BSA-110669-2022 Junaid Habib Confirmed
BSA-101191-2022 Abdul Wasay Hakmi Confirmed
BSA-104562-2022 Hammad Tariq Confirmed
BSA-104459-2022 BILAL SIKANDAR Confirmed
BSA-100985-2022 Muhammad Faizan U Allah Confirmed
BSA-105264-2022 ZAYAN RASHID RANA Confirmed
BSA-111309-2022 Muhammad Waseem Confirmed
BSA-100378-2022 Muhammad Farhan Confirmed
BSA-100523-2022 Abdul Haad Ahmad Confirmed
BSA-108723-2022 Abbas Manzoor Confirmed
BSA-100686-2022 Muhammad Ibrahim Zia Confirmed
BSA-100535-2022 Mohibullah Awan Confirmed
BSA-108651-2022 Waleed Nasir Confirmed
BSA-103338-2022 Muhammad Kashif Confirmed
BSA-100968-2022 SAAD IQBAL Confirmed
BSA-101764-2022 Muhammad Bilal Confirmed
BSA-109122-2022 Ahmad Yaar Confirmed