PIEAS BS Third Merit List (Session 2021-2025)
Following is a list of selected candidates who are offered admission in BS Degree Programs as mentioned against names based on merit and preference choices provided by candidate. In addition this list also shows status of CONFIRMED applicants who paid dues against previous offer.
Visit web site repeatedly and do not reply on SMS (if your network operator has certain policies)
The selected candidates will receive an SMS shortly about the details of next step within few hours today (23 Sep 2021). Please note that we CANNOT guarantee SMS delivery if your Telecom Operator, Network Operator, or any intermediate Service Provider blocks or drops SMS. Similarly if your mobile package has a certain facility of dropping bulk sms messages or if your mobile software performs such activity with or without end user concent/knowledge.
Payment before deadline is mandatory (To secure admission)
The selected candidates are advised to read Offer Letter, accept it, answer few questions, print and deposit Fee Challan as soon as possible, not later than 27 Sep 2021 (12:30 PM), otherwise the offer shall stand cancelled automatically.
Payment guidelines (Transaction Completion)  
While depositing challan it is recommended that you request Bank Cashier/Manager that this is SEMESTER FEE CHALLAN, and Roll No is to be entered. It is NOT Application Processing Fee.
The cashier will enter the Roll No (printed on challan) in system to verify dues amount and due date.
It should be clear that cashier enter Roll No on Challan only.
(Application Number will not work. In addition the Roll No is to be typed exactly.)
Please make sure that bank staff completes your deposit transaction before you leave the bank. Please note down branch address.
In case bank staff or manager need any help they may call Manager Askari Bank Nilore Branch.
Application Number Name Merit Number Admission Offered In Degree Status
BSA-100592-2021 Tabinda Afzal 2 Physics Confirmed
BSA-100096-2021 SYEDA ABEEHA ASIF 8 Physics Confirmed
BSA-101828-2021 Wajeeha Khan 10 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106505-2021 Mubashir Shamraiz 11 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-104297-2021 GHULAM MUSTAFA 12 Physics Confirmed
BSA-104224-2021 MOAZZAM HUSSAIN 16 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102282-2021 HABIBA ELLAHI 17 Physics Confirmed
BSA-114354-2021 Hamda Tauseef 18 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-109116-2021 EMAN TARIQ 20 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-110324-2021 Muhammad Wasif Rehman 22 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-101794-2021 Syed Muhammad Ali Ul Hassnain Fatmi 24 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-111151-2021 Daniyal Ahsen Awan 30 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-111299-2021 ZIA UL HAQ 33 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106264-2021 Muhammad Usman 34 Mechanical Engineering Selected
BSA-104270-2021 Malik Ali Hussain 35 Physics Selected
BSA-110853-2021 Muhammad Aaraiz Saeed 36 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105886-2021 Salman Khan 44 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-109172-2021 Muhammad Hussain Maqbool 45 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103616-2021 FATIMAH RAHMAN 46 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106001-2021 Muhammad Kaleem Ashraf 47 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-104531-2021 Ali Raza 48 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106977-2021 Hassan Sabeeh Khalid 52 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108157-2021 MISBAH RAFIQUE 57 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103109-2021 ASHIR NADEEM 58 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106612-2021 Ayesha Sajjad 59 Physics Confirmed
BSA-114430-2021 Ali Talha 61 Physics Confirmed
BSA-104975-2021 Noor Fatima 63 Physics Confirmed
BSA-103690-2021 Zeeshan Akhtar 65 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-107267-2021 Muhammad Badar Mehmood 69 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100016-2021 Waleed Ashraf 71 Physics Confirmed
BSA-107079-2021 SYED MOAIZ ALI SHAH 72 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-107278-2021 Dilawar Ali 73 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-107112-2021 ATIF ALI 81 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102914-2021 Muhammad Abdullah Yousuf 82 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-100952-2021 Irtaza Tahir 83 Physics Confirmed
BSA-108147-2021 HANAN ARIF 85 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105302-2021 SHAROZ SHAHID 87 Physics Confirmed
BSA-103500-2021 Maham Faiz Malik 88 Physics Confirmed
BSA-106056-2021 Areeb Ahmad Chaudhry 89 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100628-2021 Humayun Talal 91 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106233-2021 Mahnoor Saleem 93 Physics Confirmed
BSA-105223-2021 Hashir Aziz 96 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103382-2021 Zahid Islam 98 Physics Confirmed
BSA-108277-2021 Zainab Hameed 101 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100587-2021 Mohammad Abdullah Shaukat 103 Physics Confirmed
BSA-100239-2021 Wajiha Masood 104 Physics Confirmed
BSA-104367-2021 Muhammad Khuzaima 105 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-112192-2021 Samavia Bibi 108 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108902-2021 Abdullah Wahid 109 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100115-2021 FAIZA RIAZ 110 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-104424-2021 HASEEB AHMAD SIDDIQUI 117 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100331-2021 Abdullah Anwar 118 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108762-2021 Muhammad Yameen Jilani 119 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-102114-2021 Muhammad Zaheer Raza 121 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108978-2021 Muhammad Talha 122 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106495-2021 Imbsat Noor Hashmi 124 Physics Confirmed
BSA-109301-2021 Ammarah Bria 125 Physics Confirmed
BSA-108198-2021 Qurrat Ul Ain 126 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-100074-2021 Abdullah Munir 129 Physics Confirmed
BSA-105710-2021 Faizan Ali 130 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102633-2021 Bareera Masood 131 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108170-2021 SYED SAADQAIN HAIDER ZAIDI 134 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108393-2021 Syed Muhammad Hasnain 138 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-104880-2021 Saddam Hussain 139 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106477-2021 MUHAMMAD YAHYA KHAN 144 Physics Confirmed
BSA-100037-2021 Nudrat Jawaria 146 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102138-2021 MUHAMMAD AWAIS 151 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-112915-2021 Shaiza Fatima 153 Physics Confirmed
BSA-106149-2021 Manahil Munir 154 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-110073-2021 Muhammad Talha 155 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-107791-2021 Faizan Amir 158 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-106364-2021 ZAIN ABBAS 159 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-101982-2021 Muhammad Ahmad Shah 163 Physics Confirmed
BSA-113012-2021 Alishba Malik 164 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108045-2021 MUHAMMAD SULEMAN ZAHOOR 165 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-103503-2021 Muhammad asim 166 Physics Confirmed
BSA-107095-2021 Hamza Siraj 167 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108565-2021 Syed Wahaj Raza Zaidi 172 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-103173-2021 AIMAN RIAZ 174 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-100215-2021 Fahad Ali 175 Physics Confirmed
BSA-109885-2021 Muhammad Jahad Tariq 176 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-104465-2021 Emama Nugman 177 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-110717-2021 Imran Hyder 178 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-110661-2021 MUHAMMAD HASSAAN TEHSEEN 179 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-100455-2021 Hassaan Asghar 181 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-113310-2021 Anas Bashir 182 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-101695-2021 ZAEEM MUZAMMIL 183 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-112427-2021 MUDASSAR IJAZ 186 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-101729-2021 Faseeh Ahmed 188 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-101477-2021 Abdullah Faisal 189 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-104413-2021 Syeda Sameen Fatima 190 Physics Confirmed
BSA-111007-2021 Narmeen Sabah Siddiqui 192 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106688-2021 Hassam Abdullah Khan 194 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108100-2021 IMAN NOOR 196 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-114422-2021 Inam ul haq 197 Physics Confirmed
BSA-102515-2021 MUHAMMD AHMAD BILAL 198 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102576-2021 Adil Kaleem 202 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103785-2021 Umar Ali 204 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-101916-2021 Ayesha Muneer 208 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106451-2021 HAFSA HASSAN 211 Electrical Engineering Selected
BSA-100205-2021 Muhammad Ahmad Nazir 212 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100551-2021 Moeed Ahmed Malik 213 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106670-2021 Muhammad Saad Ijaz 215 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103271-2021 Ahmad Kamal Shaheryar 216 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100883-2021 MUHAMMAD AHMAD SALEEM 218 Electrical Engineering Selected
BSA-113364-2021 Muhammad Huzaifa Khan 219 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-109992-2021 Syed Haider Ali 221 Physics Confirmed
BSA-105362-2021 Hafsa Malik 224 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103773-2021 Awais Tahseen 229 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-112553-2021 HIRA ANMOL 232 Physics Confirmed
BSA-109800-2021 Muhammad Faiq 235 Physics Confirmed
BSA-107687-2021 Muhammad Rayan ur Rehman Qureshi 237 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105629-2021 HAMZA SAEED 242 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105562-2021 Muhammad Uzair 243 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-104930-2021 MUHAMMAD ABRAR SALEEM 251 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106634-2021 Muhammad Qasim 255 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-107711-2021 Muhammad Balaaj Ahmed Shah 257 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-112868-2021 Javeria Batool 262 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105392-2021 Muhammad Hanzallah 265 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-104197-2021 Mansoor Sultan 266 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-112649-2021 Aizaz Hussain 271 Mechanical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-101240-2021 Muhammad Daud 272 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-104809-2021 Mohammad Usman Ali 276 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-101313-2021 AYESHA MAQSOOD 277 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-106553-2021 MUHAMMAD SHAHEER HAMAYUN 278 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-101276-2021 Najah Azhar 286 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-107523-2021 MUHAMMAD TALHA ARSHAD 288 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103562-2021 EISHA ARSHAD MALIK 289 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-101331-2021 Zaeem Khan 292 Electrical Engineering Selected
BSA-105952-2021 ABDUL WAHAB 293 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-102920-2021 Muhammad Umer Farooq 294 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100758-2021 Shoaib Akhter 297 Physics Confirmed
BSA-103033-2021 Muhammad Tariq Akhtar 299 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-107483-2021 Umair khan 300 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100332-2021 DANISH WASEEM 301 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-113100-2021 Muhammad Saqlain 302 Physics Confirmed
BSA-105365-2021 Muhammad Talha Khan 303 Computer and Information Sciences selected
BSA-106965-2021 Fizza Fatima 304 Physics Confirmed
BSA-105285-2021 MUHAMMAD SARIM 306 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100292-2021 Muzammil Anwar 309 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-104661-2021 Zaineb 311 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100491-2021 Abdullah Siddiqui 313 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105532-2021 HASAN ALI 317 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106609-2021 Muhammad Hassan Shoaib 325 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100088-2021 Muhammad Hamza 327 Electrical Engineering Selected
BSA-108268-2021 Abdul Hanan 328 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102243-2021 Muhammad Saad Khan 329 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-112907-2021 Wasif Mehmood 332 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-104922-2021 Muhammad Talha 333 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106356-2021 Saqib Ali 335 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108879-2021 IMRAN WAHEED 337 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-111131-2021 MUHAMMAD WASEEM 339 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105255-2021 Muhammad Sufyan Ghani 341 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108083-2021 Syed Atiq Ali Shah 343 Physics Confirmed
BSA-103167-2021 Umer Afzal 344 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-113311-2021 Zobia Ilyas 347 Physics Confirmed
BSA-101412-2021 MUHAMMAD HAMZA AZHAR 349 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-106802-2021 Amna Imran Nagi 350 Physics Confirmed
BSA-101707-2021 Khola Rauf 351 Physics Confirmed
BSA-105605-2021 Muhammad Faizan Muneer 352 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106617-2021 Pakeeza Hussain 356 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106658-2021 Farah Jahangir 358 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-100791-2021 Muhammad Subhan Furjam 359 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-112895-2021 MUHAMMAD RIZWAN RIZVI 360 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-106013-2021 Hanzala Akbar 362 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102281-2021 Faran Ahmed 364 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-111511-2021 Muhammad Aly Yousaf 366 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-102438-2021 Samia Hebbah 367 Physics Confirmed
BSA-100586-2021 FIZZA KHALID 368 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105959-2021 Syed Muhammad Ali Rizvi 369 Physics Confirmed
BSA-105932-2021 Muhammad Tuaha Yasin 371 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106337-2021 Fatima Arshad Cheema 372 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-108280-2021 Syed Abbas Ahmad 375 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-107412-2021 Fareeha Nazar 377 Physics Confirmed
BSA-101510-2021 Kiran Fatima Kayani 378 Physics Confirmed
BSA-105314-2021 Muqdas Naz 379 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102570-2021 Sabir Hussain 380 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-100606-2021 Muhammad Mubashir 387 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106770-2021 Faria Ghani 388 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105997-2021 Shamir Nadeem 389 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106528-2021 MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH 392 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105781-2021 UZMA TAHIR 396 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105252-2021 Muhammad Rizwan 397 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-106932-2021 Abubakar tahir 399 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103905-2021 Adeel Ahmed 400 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-104578-2021 SHAHEER BAIG 402 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105957-2021 Syed Mazhar Hussain 404 Physics Confirmed
BSA-104786-2021 Muhammad Shees Ur Rehman 405 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-107843-2021 Abdul Moiz 407 Electrical Engineering Selected
BSA-102001-2021 Maheen ALi 409 Physics Confirmed
BSA-102966-2021 TOUHEED ULLAH SHAH 410 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102676-2021 HAMZA SHAHID 411 Physics Selected
BSA-105879-2021 Jalal Ahmed 412 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-105686-2021 Muhammad Umair 414 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106278-2021 Ahmad Raza 418 Physics Confirmed
BSA-101623-2021 Asad 419 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-104595-2021 Muhammad Ali Sajid 420 Electrical Engineering Selected
BSA-114727-2021 Syeda Kisaa Fatima 424 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-103625-2021 KAWISH RAZA 426 Electrical Engineering Selected
BSA-110240-2021 MUHAMMAD AHMAD 427 Computer and Information Sciences Selected
BSA-107288-2021 Muhammad Asfand Yaar 429 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-112238-2021 Jawaria Khalid 430 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-102796-2021 Muhammad Saad 431 Electrical Engineering Selected
BSA-101519-2021 Muhammad Zain Ul Abideen Hashmi 433 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-101900-2021 Raja Zeeshan Mehmood 442 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-113355-2021 Haider Mushtaq Khan 443 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108107-2021 Muhammad Kashif Altaf 444 Computer and Information Sciences Selected
BSA-100390-2021 Huzaiz Khalid Qureshi 446 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-100872-2021 Abdul Ur Rehman 447 Electrical Engineering Selected
BSA-109960-2021 Muhammad Afaq Imran 448 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-107756-2021 Muhammad Shuja Arshad 450 Computer and Information Sciences Selected
BSA-104944-2021 Osaid Rizwan 451 Electrical Engineering Selected
BSA-100848-2021 Abdul Rafay 452 Computer and Information Sciences Selected
BSA-106210-2021 Hamza Hussain 453 Electrical Engineering Selected
BSA-112206-2021 Bushra Yaqoob 455 Computer and Information Sciences Selected
BSA-100108-2021 Ahmed Yar 460 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106140-2021 Muneeb ur rehman 463 Physics Confirmed
BSA-109380-2021 Shahmeer Jawad 465 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-110440-2021 Muhammad Muneeb Ahmad 466 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-112152-2021 Muhammad Asim Nawaz 467 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-103753-2021 Hussain Mehmood Cheema 468 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Confirmed
BSA-109009-2021 Shahzaib rauf 469 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105117-2021 AQSA TANVEER 470 Physics Confirmed
BSA-102535-2021 Umar Afzal Khan 472 Computer and Information Sciences Selected
BSA-104668-2021 Muhammad Sameer Bin Younas 474 Electrical Engineering Selected
BSA-107244-2021 Ummay Rooman 475 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-105385-2021 Ahmed Raza 477 Electrical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106685-2021 Ali Ahmad 479 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102512-2021 Muhammad Mouiz Ghouri 480 Computer and Information Sciences Selected
BSA-101614-2021 ASAD BUTT 482 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-111285-2021 Haider Ali Aurangzaib 484 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-103574-2021 Huma Amin 485 Computer and Information Sciences Selected
BSA-102959-2021 Unaisa Zahid 486 Computer and Information Sciences selected
BSA-100386-2021 Shahroz Taha 488 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Confirmed
BSA-104894-2021 Mustafa khan 491 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-102378-2021 Muhammad Faizan Shafi Khan 492 Computer and Information Sciences Selected
BSA-104937-2021 Mishaal Hassan 495 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-107901-2021 Muhammad Zeeshan Jamil 496 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-106320-2021 Noor-ul-Eman 497 Computer and Information Sciences Selected
BSA-109859-2021 Awais 498 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-100641-2021 Asjad Ali 500 Computer and Information Sciences Confirmed
BSA-103096-2021 Sameen gul 501 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-107576-2021 Bushra Mumtaz 503 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102120-2021 Hafsa Bibi 506 Physics Selected
BSA-107359-2021 SufyanBinShahid 507 Physics Confirmed
BSA-107865-2021 Zukhruf Iftikhar 508 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103222-2021 Waquee Bin Nadeem 509 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102350-2021 Muhammad Abdullah 510 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105148-2021 HAFIZ SAAD SHAKEEL 511 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-109159-2021 Muhammad Zohaib Maqbool 512 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102707-2021 Fahad Zaman 513 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108085-2021 AYESHA TAHIR 514 Physics Selected
BSA-101333-2021 Muhammad Ali 516 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100556-2021 Maheen Zahid 517 Physics Selected
BSA-101158-2021 Muhammad Rafay Munir 518 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100889-2021 Muhammad Areeb Rashid 519 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109711-2021 Abdul Azeem Azhar 520 Physics Selected
BSA-101121-2021 Tehreem zubair 521 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103286-2021 Haseeb ur Rehman 522 Physics Selected
BSA-114440-2021 Waleed khan 523 Physics Selected
BSA-102568-2021 Hamza Younas 524 Physics Selected
BSA-105326-2021 Nimra khan 525 Chemical Engineering Selected
BSA-111709-2021 Muhammad Mohshif 526 Waiting Waiting
BSA-110821-2021 Husnain Abdullah Ali Khan 527 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-110508-2021 Muhammad Daniyal Khalid 528 Physics Selected
BSA-106557-2021 Gulzaman 529 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101250-2021 Misbah Khalid 530 Physics Selected
BSA-102607-2021 Muhammad Hashim 531 Chemical Engineering Selected
BSA-109227-2021 Muhammad Umair Faisal 532 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100448-2021 M Talha Rohan Khan 537 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103973-2021 Manahil. 538 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100036-2021 Ammarah Imtiaz 540 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107252-2021 Ibrahim Mahmood 542 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106596-2021 Muhammad Arsalan 543 Chemical Engineering Selected
BSA-107247-2021 Irtza malak 544 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113866-2021 RANA SOHAIB AHMAD 546 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100920-2021 Raheel  Abbas 547 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Confirmed
BSA-104366-2021 Asad Mahmood 548 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112748-2021 Muhammad Usman Shakeel 549 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105528-2021 Azfer Riaz 550 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106521-2021 Zaki ullah 551 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103711-2021 Aila Mahmood 552 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107274-2021 Uzair Arshad 553 Chemical Engineering Selected
BSA-106290-2021 Mugheera Khubaib 554 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103292-2021 Hafza Bibi 556 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111581-2021 Hafiz Ali Abdullah 557 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113629-2021 Syed ali ibrahim 559 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109001-2021 Talha Tariq 560 Chemical Engineering Selected
BSA-105802-2021 Hassan Abdullah 562 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-108294-2021 USMAN KHALID 564 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102052-2021 AMNA ALI 565 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Confirmed
BSA-107973-2021 Warisha Ishtiaq 566 Chemical Engineering Selected
BSA-111797-2021 MUHAMMAD FASIH 568 Chemical Engineering Selected
BSA-111807-2021 Junaid Ahmed 570 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100265-2021 Mehreen Mansoor 573 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106409-2021 GHULAM QADAR 574 Chemical Engineering Selected
BSA-113990-2021 Maryam Latif 576 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106952-2021 Zahid Gul 577 Chemical Engineering Selected
BSA-104029-2021 Samiullah Bin Ejaz 578 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Confirmed
BSA-101699-2021 ASAD ABBAS 580 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100541-2021 Muhammad Fahad Iqbal 581 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102454-2021 MUHAMMAD SHAFIN JAVAID 583 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-102925-2021 Muhammad Shahbaz 584 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108019-2021 JANNAT NAZ 585 Chemical Engineering Selected
BSA-106985-2021 NAEEM-U-DIN 586 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102748-2021 Muhammad Mutahhar Chishti 587 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107677-2021 Kanwal Aziz 590 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-100508-2021 Muhammad Ahtasham 591 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Confirmed
BSA-106968-2021 Amjad Ali 593 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-112460-2021 Muhammad Ali Khan 595 Chemical Engineering Confirmed
BSA-105507-2021 Komal Parveen Sultana 596 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100177-2021 ABDUL REHMAN 598 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100643-2021 Abdul Rehman 601 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104794-2021 Ali Ashraf 603 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104965-2021 Mohammad Omer 604 Chemical Engineering Selected
BSA-113886-2021 Uswah Batool 608 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101491-2021 Syed Zain Ali Jafri 611 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102519-2021 HASSAN NAWAZ 613 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100637-2021 Mohammad Abdullah 615 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Confirmed
BSA-103170-2021 EMAN ASAD 617 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100353-2021 Muhammad Daniyal Nazeer 620 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104505-2021 MUHAMMAD TAYYAB 625 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105988-2021 Umar Abdullah 626 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-102644-2021 KHUSHBAKHT ZAMAN 627 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-105118-2021 Tayyab Tahir 628 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-105270-2021 Abdullah Malik 629 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108372-2021 Usman Ghafoor 630 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109946-2021 Neha Shahbaz 631 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104239-2021 Haris Fayyaz 632 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-108534-2021 MUDASIR ALI ABBASI 633 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-106615-2021 Ahmed Razi Ullah 634 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-106294-2021 Shabir Nawaz 635 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-105659-2021 Hassan Alam 636 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-105340-2021 Fahad Tariq 637 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-100839-2021 Aadil Ali Ismaily 639 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104495-2021 Muhammad Rehan Ahmed 640 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101540-2021 Malaika Zafar 641 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109193-2021 Muhammad bin Mufassir 642 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-113472-2021 Muhammad Fawaz Khalid 643 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107126-2021 Muhammad Anas Javed 644 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108128-2021 ALI RAZA 645 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-100648-2021 Sana Zahoor 646 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-103957-2021 Abeeha Imran 647 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-110460-2021 Shabib ul Asad 648 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-104590-2021 Rao Muhammad Adnan Nasir 649 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-104816-2021 Hassan Ahmad 650 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-103615-2021 Hassan Mansoor 651 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101471-2021 Shehryar Shabbir 652 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103254-2021 Hamaad Javed 653 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104349-2021 Maryam naseem dar 654 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106601-2021 Aymun Chaudhry 655 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-103085-2021 Shazaib Tahir 656 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-106241-2021 MUNEEB  HASSAN 657 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-104243-2021 NAMRA SALAM 658 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-104734-2021 Salman Ali 659 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109893-2021 Farhat Ullah Khan 660 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101411-2021 HADID HAIDER CHANNA 661 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-113864-2021 Sameen Shahid 662 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101150-2021 Syed Aliyar Shah 663 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-107370-2021 Naikmat Ullah Khan 664 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-109811-2021 MUHAMMAD HAMZA AZAM 665 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105354-2021 Abdul Mannan 666 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-113066-2021 Zarrar Ahmed 667 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-108850-2021 Muhammad Daniyal 668 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-100048-2021 Hassan Raza 669 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-103847-2021 Muhammad Rian Ashraf 670 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-102509-2021 Shehreyar Zahoor 671 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107237-2021 Rukhmah Aamir 672 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-108290-2021 FARRUKH FAISAL 673 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101597-2021 MUHAMMAD TALHA SHAFIQUE 674 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-103393-2021 Fatima Arshad 675 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101368-2021 Maimoona Muhammad Ali 676 Waiting Waiting
BSA-110366-2021 Muhammad Shan khan 677 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111823-2021 Ayesha Qazi 678 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-103514-2021 Muhammad Tanzeel ur Rehman 679 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-112878-2021 Abdul Rehman 680 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-107573-2021 Muhammad Rayyan Tayyab 681 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-101105-2021 Haseebullah 682 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104811-2021 Muhammad Immad ud Din 683 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-103205-2021 Hasan Amin 684 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100302-2021 MUHAMMAD AWAIS AHMAD 685 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-110607-2021 Muhammad Anas Ali 686 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-108103-2021 MUHAMMAD ZULQARNAIN WARSI 687 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-102540-2021 Muhammad Hassan Bin Adeel 688 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112106-2021 Syed Bilal Hussain Shah 689 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-109341-2021 Muhammad Abdul Rehman 690 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-112194-2021 Muhammad Haseeb 691 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103863-2021 Maryam Inam 692 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-113902-2021 Umar Bin Shakil 693 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-109087-2021 Usman Ashraf 694 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107234-2021 Muhammad Faizan 695 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-108436-2021 Ali Hassan Khan 696 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-100896-2021 Muhammad Ibrahim 697 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-103712-2021 Saleh Ahmed 698 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-114567-2021 MUHAMMAD AMAN 699 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Selected
BSA-101195-2021 Muhammad Usman Ghani 700 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105425-2021 Muhammad Hammad 701 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106441-2021 Aliza Mushtaq 702 Waiting Waiting
BSA-114416-2021 Abdullah Ali Khan 703 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102121-2021 Maira waheed 704 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105681-2021 Muhammad Saad 705 Waiting Waiting
BSA-114428-2021 Muhammad Irfan 706 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107925-2021 Irshad Alam khan 707 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113644-2021 Gohar Ellahi 708 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107021-2021 Raja Asjal Bin Faisal 709 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105654-2021 Faisal Ahmed 710 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104995-2021 Muhammad Ibrahim Khan Tareen 711 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106545-2021 Kashif Alam 712 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100679-2021 Sadeed Anwar 713 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112487-2021 Dawar Zaman 714 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104148-2021 MUHAMMAD TAYYAB NAVEED 715 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107596-2021 ASADULLAH MEMON 716 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108920-2021 Ashar Mehmood 717 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106570-2021 MUHAMMAD TAHA WADIYAT 718 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109672-2021 MUHAMMAD AHMED NAVEED QAZI 719 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101739-2021 RAJA MUHAMMAD FAISAL 720 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104622-2021 MUHAMMAD SHARJEEL 721 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108465-2021 Abubakar Siddique 723 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101466-2021 AREEBAH AKHTAR 724 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104289-2021 MUHAMMAD AWAIS NASIR 725 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104827-2021 Mohsin Mushtaq 726 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105451-2021 Muhammad Sadiq Raza 727 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101006-2021 Faizan Zafar 728 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106767-2021 Farrukh Zia 729 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101936-2021 Abeeha Fatima 730 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106412-2021 HAMZA JAVED 731 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102261-2021 Ayesha Khan Lodhi 732 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104778-2021 Ahmed Abdullah 733 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109266-2021 Muhammad Mohsin Adnan Sartaj 734 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113470-2021 SYEDA LAIBA FATIMA 735 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103082-2021 Muhammad Ahmad 736 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105816-2021 Affaz Abuzar 737 Waiting Waiting
BSA-110430-2021 MUHAMMAD AMEER HAMZA 738 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107322-2021 Hussain Mahmood Khan 739 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100707-2021 MUHAMMAD HAMZA ANWAR 740 Waiting Waiting
BSA-110649-2021 Hammad Ahmed 741 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108174-2021 ZAHIR-UD-DIN 742 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106021-2021 Muhammad Mubashir Farooq 743 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105200-2021 Anoosha Anwar 744 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106293-2021 Muhammad Ajmal 745 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103663-2021 Sami Khokher 746 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104045-2021 Rana Tehseen Ur Rehman 747 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100859-2021 AREEBA NAZIM 748 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106279-2021 SHAHAB AHMED 749 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104476-2021 Shamsher ali 750 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111811-2021 Muhammad Kashif 751 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107549-2021 Suleman khan 752 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103888-2021 MUHAMMAD ZAIN 753 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104583-2021 AROOJ FATIMA 754 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113877-2021 RAMEEN KAMRAN 755 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106773-2021 AYESHA HISSAM 756 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104160-2021 ALI AHMAD MIR 757 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101591-2021 Muhammad Ahmad 758 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104115-2021 Muhammad Ashhub Ali 759 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105578-2021 Muhammad Awais Ali 760 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106535-2021 Umair Akram 761 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111698-2021 Furqan Ijaz 762 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104414-2021 Swera Naeem 763 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103649-2021 Taseen Taban Satti 764 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111393-2021 Wisal Ahmad 765 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113040-2021 Sikander Hayat Khan 766 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105842-2021 Waqas Shahid 767 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106471-2021 Malik Noraiz Masood Khan 768 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106136-2021 Arslan Ali 770 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101870-2021 Faisal Tabrez 771 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100655-2021 Abdul Rafay 772 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111056-2021 Imad Ahmad 773 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113712-2021 Muhammad Awais Saleem 774 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108757-2021 Syed Muhammad Ale Mubar Moini 775 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102106-2021 Muhammad Rohan Asif 776 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101633-2021 Asfar Ahmad 777 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108927-2021 Zaki Ul Hassan 778 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111963-2021 Muhammad Riyyan 779 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105867-2021 Burhan Naveed Buttar 780 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106467-2021 Ali Bassam 781 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105859-2021 Muhammad Ibrahim Khalid 782 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112944-2021 Hamza Ahmed Mirza 783 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103688-2021 Nida Fraz 784 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113540-2021 Minhas Hussain 785 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108981-2021 MUHAMMAD BILAL MIRZA 786 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112349-2021 Muhammad Hamza 787 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102203-2021 Muhammad Raza Ali 788 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102424-2021 Abdul Wasay Naveed 789 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107188-2021 Talha Ahmad 790 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100095-2021 FIZA NAEEM 791 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106666-2021 Azan Ali 792 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107408-2021 MUHAMMAD FAISAL YAQUB 793 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112348-2021 Saad Chaudhry 794 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106010-2021 Mahad Ali 795 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111472-2021 Muhammad Hisham Gul 796 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106156-2021 Ayesha Batool Taj 797 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112705-2021 Ahmad Rafay 798 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102290-2021 Moiz Ahmad 799 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102768-2021 SOHAIB NASIR 800 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112690-2021 Aqdas Ikram 801 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100304-2021 Ahsan Zia 802 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102557-2021 MUHAMMAD ARSAL MURAD 803 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102229-2021 HAMZA AMIN KHOKHAR 804 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105452-2021 UMAIR HASSAN 805 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106803-2021 Muhammad Babar Kamal 806 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111570-2021 Muhammad Kashan Haider 808 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100706-2021 Hanzla Tariq 809 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101670-2021 Maimoona Ghazal 810 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102467-2021 MUHAMMAD MURTAZA 811 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102017-2021 HALEEMA SADIA 812 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113325-2021 Anas Naveed 813 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102423-2021 MUHAMMAD IBRAR 814 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108299-2021 Muhammad Huzaifa Samad 815 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102088-2021 Shahmir Faisal 816 Waiting Waiting
BSA-110145-2021 Aqsa Atta 817 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106956-2021 PAKEEZA RAFIQUE 818 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109994-2021 Hamza Husnain Maaz 819 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108979-2021 Muhammad Usman Noor 820 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112780-2021 Hammad Rashid 821 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108160-2021 Munam Ahmed 822 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106741-2021 Muhammad Umar 823 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106691-2021 UM E HABIBA 824 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100870-2021 Nafaey Rizwan 825 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101184-2021 Muhammad Huzaifa 826 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113190-2021 Faizan Ahmad Zia 827 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102744-2021 Muhammad Haseeb Iqbal 828 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109934-2021 Malik Muhammad Farhan 829 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112075-2021 Hassan ul Banna 830 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104806-2021 Muhammad rizwan azeem 831 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112668-2021 Muhammad Muzammil 832 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101208-2021 Rabiya Rasool 833 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109032-2021 Furqan Azhar 835 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108854-2021 Shahzad Nawab Khan 836 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108250-2021 Muhammad Shaheer Khalid 837 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105476-2021 Zain Jabbar 838 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108050-2021 Muhammad Haider 839 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103532-2021 Usman Hafeez 840 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113391-2021 Sibtain Abbas 841 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103989-2021 USMAN AHMED 842 Waiting Waiting
BSA-114689-2021 MUHAMMAD UMER FAROOQ KHAN 843 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109991-2021 KANWAR HARIS RAFAQAT 844 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104705-2021 Muhammad Ismail 845 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103600-2021 MANAHIL KHAN 846 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103086-2021 EASHA MEHMOOD 847 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103814-2021 Ajmal Hassan 848 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100888-2021 Ahmed Abbas 849 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105311-2021 Nayab Nazar 850 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109593-2021 Mehak Aftab 851 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104538-2021 Muhammad Shaheer 852 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101160-2021 SHEHARYAR FAISAL 853 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107019-2021 Ali Saleh 854 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102395-2021 Muhammad Ismail 855 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107767-2021 Samsam ali 856 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100548-2021 MUHAMMAD UMER RAFIQUE SAJAWAL 858 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101152-2021 Muhammad Umar Habib 859 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105586-2021 SYED MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH 860 Waiting Waiting
BSA-110645-2021 Muhammad Asad Mansoor 861 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108974-2021 Ali Abbas 862 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112363-2021 Sudais Akbar Khan 863 Waiting Waiting
BSA-114177-2021 Muhammad Zohaib Khan 864 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104372-2021 Uzma Masroor 865 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101676-2021 Muhammad Umaid Afzal 866 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109278-2021 MuhammadFaizWaheed 867 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109944-2021 Muhammad Asim Khan 868 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105679-2021 Muhammad muslim 869 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105929-2021 Prince Mohammad Zaeem Quddussi 871 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109054-2021 Muhammad Abdullah 872 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104169-2021 Syed Muhammad Zain 873 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107599-2021 Muhammad Abdullah 874 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107894-2021 Muhammad Zeeshan Shahzad 875 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106839-2021 Areeba Urooj 876 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102092-2021 Muhammad Abdullah 877 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101281-2021 Hassaan Tariq 878 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100013-2021 Yaser Saghir 879 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100031-2021 Ali anus 880 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109716-2021 Muhammad Saleh Malik 881 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103997-2021 Ayesha Tanveer 882 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109257-2021 Ahmed 883 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101053-2021 MUHAMMAD RASHID UL HAQ 884 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105214-2021 Abia Javed 885 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107937-2021 Muhammad Ibrahim 886 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108994-2021 AMEER HAMZA 887 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109097-2021 Fahad uddin 888 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107463-2021 Hadia Shahid 889 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106888-2021 Muhammad Yasir Raza Attari 890 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100773-2021 Awais Bashir 891 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111211-2021 Ammar Hussain 892 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102386-2021 Muhammad Nouman Zafar 893 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108775-2021 Eesha Tanvir 894 Waiting Waiting
BSA-110820-2021 MUHAMMAD FAHAD 895 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112432-2021 Qamar Ul zaman khan 896 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109171-2021 Muhammad  Shehroz Imran 897 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106358-2021 Muhammad Hamza Iqbal 898 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104748-2021 Muhammad Ali 899 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108957-2021 Muhammad Zahid 900 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111473-2021 MUZAMMIL NIAZ 901 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106347-2021 Uzair Idrees 902 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101204-2021 Ali Turab Mukarram 903 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101008-2021 Hebah Aamir 904 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103458-2021 Muhammad anwar 905 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109414-2021 Anosh Badar 906 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107291-2021 Kamran Ali 907 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103185-2021 Huzaifa khan 908 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107800-2021 Muhammad Tusneem 909 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104543-2021 MUHAMMAD IRHTASAM UL HAQ 910 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105682-2021 Ammara Ismail 911 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100530-2021 FATIMA USMAN 912 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112761-2021 Basit Aliyan Siddiqui 913 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111737-2021 ALI SHEHRYAAR 914 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106709-2021 Areej Fatima 915 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102626-2021 Lutaf Ali 916 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102271-2021 Saad Ullah Khan 918 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102077-2021 Muhammad Mohsin Saeed 919 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104470-2021 Mehboob Khaliq 920 Waiting Waiting
BSA-112835-2021 Syed Samiullah Hussaini 921 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100320-2021 Hamza hassan 922 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105181-2021 Abdullah Awan 923 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109204-2021 Yasir ali 924 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106796-2021 Qasim Shakoor 925 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106053-2021 Mudassar Ali 926 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102038-2021 SHEEZA ASLAM 927 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106647-2021 Taseen bin hanzala 928 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101479-2021 Zain Ali 929 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104924-2021 Fatima 930 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102798-2021 Zainab Arshad 931 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109396-2021 Hamza Masood 932 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113110-2021 Umar Zubair 933 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103162-2021 Shadman Shahid 934 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101789-2021 Affan Bin Razi 935 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108681-2021 Muhammad hammad idrees 936 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100499-2021 Badar Butt 937 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105243-2021 Fatima Zaidi 938 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105207-2021 Muhammad Kaleem Qureshi 939 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111073-2021 RAO MUHAMMAD SOBAN 940 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113873-2021 Mubashir Akhtar 941 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107299-2021 Syed Ali Akbar Shah 942 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111352-2021 Usama Hanif 944 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107808-2021 Izza Karim 945 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100524-2021 Syed Abdul Rafey Saleem 946 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103789-2021 Qasim Ali 947 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105884-2021 ZAINAB TARIQ 948 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101177-2021 Khan Abdul Moiz 950 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106363-2021 Muhammad Abdulbasit Afzal 951 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109206-2021 MUHAMMAD SHAHZAIB 952 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100043-2021 Ahmad Jamal 953 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103954-2021 Umar Zafar 954 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113062-2021 Mobin Ahmed 955 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103379-2021 Ahmed Hussain 956 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104046-2021 Abdullah Bin Salman 957 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104285-2021 Muhammad Murtaza Baig 958 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113094-2021 Malik Muhammad Hasham Tahir Khan Khan 959 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108297-2021 Muhammad talha 960 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108797-2021 Muhammad Saad 961 Waiting Waiting
BSA-102600-2021 Malik Muhammad Saif Haider 962 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100213-2021 Zulkifal 963 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101759-2021 Alisha Bakhat 964 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108932-2021 Asadullah Haider 965 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113764-2021 Muhammad Naveed 966 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106541-2021 Habib Ur Rehman 967 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103853-2021 Hafiz Jawad Imran 968 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107932-2021 Muhammad Talha Zeb Jadoon 969 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104089-2021 Mohammad Fawad Khan 971 Waiting Waiting
BSA-110371-2021 Tariq Rahim 972 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101231-2021 Muhammad Arbab 973 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100454-2021 Zabihullah Khan 974 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106901-2021 Asfanndyar Ali 975 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107957-2021 Ahmad Raza 976 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108253-2021 Sundas Fatima 977 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101808-2021 Abdullah Zaheer 978 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107157-2021 AAFEEN KHAN 979 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109909-2021 Muhammad Uzair Irfan 980 Waiting Waiting
BSA-111948-2021 Mubasar Ibrar 981 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101685-2021 Muhammad Tayyab 982 Waiting Waiting
BSA-103032-2021 RAYAN AAMIR 983 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108097-2021 Ali Hamza 984 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113081-2021 MUHAMMAD ALI MUSAWIR 985 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100129-2021 Muhammad Ali Malik 986 Waiting Waiting
BSA-110190-2021 Syed Rasab Bukhari 987 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100797-2021 MUAZ AHMAD 988 Waiting Waiting
BSA-105651-2021 Sarim Asif 989 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100391-2021 MUHAMMAD AHMAD 990 Waiting Waiting
BSA-101007-2021 Syed Taha Mehmood 991 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109065-2021 Abdul Ahad Naeem 992 Waiting Waiting
BSA-106482-2021 Muhammad Ahtisham Aziz 993 Waiting Waiting
BSA-113874-2021 Aaraf tanveer 994 Waiting Waiting
BSA-107329-2021 Muhammad Zaid 995 Waiting Waiting
BSA-100382-2021 Mahnoor Saleem 996 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104921-2021 Ayesha Majesty 997 Waiting Waiting
BSA-108839-2021 Zahoor Ahmed 998 Waiting Waiting
BSA-104383-2021 Shahrukh 999 Waiting Waiting
BSA-109410-2021 NAWAL MAHMOOD 1000 Waiting Waiting