PIEAS BS First Merit List (Session 2021-2025)
Following is a list of selected candidates who are offered admission in BS Degree Programs as mentioned against names based on merit and preference choices provided by candidate.

The selected candidates are advised to act as advised in SMS.

The selected candidates are advised to read Offer Letter, accept it, answer few questions, print and deposit Fee Challan on 14 or 15 September 2021,
otherwise the offer shall stand cancelled automatically.

While depositing challan it is recommended that you request Bank Cashier/Manager that this is SEMESTER FEE CHALLAN, and Roll No is to be entered.
It is NOT Application Processing Fee.

The cashier will enter the Roll No (printed on challan) in system to verify dues amount and due date.
It should be clear that cashier enter Roll No on Challan only.
(Application Number will not work. In addition the Roll No is to be typed exactly.)

Please make sure that bank staff completes your deposit transaction before you leave the bank.
In case bank staff or manager need any help they may call Manager Askari Bank Nilore Branch.
Application Number Name Merit Number Admission Offered In Degree
BSA-103132-2021 Muhammad Sami Ullah 1 Electrical Engineering
BSA-100592-2021 Tabinda Afzal 2 Physics
BSA-102238-2021 Muhammad Haris 3 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-105442-2021 Romaisa yaqoob 4 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-102126-2021 MUHAMMAD USMAN 5 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-103430-2021 Muhammad Usama Tariq 6 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-101478-2021 Mujtaba Omar 7 Electrical Engineering
BSA-100096-2021 SYEDA ABEEHA ASIF 8 Physics
BSA-112609-2021 SYED MUHAMMAD MOUSA ALI SUBZWARI 9 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-101828-2021 Wajeeha Khan 10 Electrical Engineering
BSA-106505-2021 Mubashir Shamraiz 11 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-104297-2021 GHULAM MUSTAFA 12 Physics
BSA-100282-2021 Muhammad Aqdas Chaudhary 13 Electrical Engineering
BSA-105766-2021 Azka Basit 14 Chemical Engineering
BSA-104224-2021 MOAZZAM HUSSAIN 16 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-102282-2021 HABIBA ELLAHI 17 Physics
BSA-114354-2021 Hamda Tauseef 18 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-104635-2021 TAHA BIN AKRAM 19 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-109116-2021 EMAN TARIQ 20 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-107357-2021 Muhammad Umar 21 Physics
BSA-110324-2021 Muhammad Wasif Rehman 22 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-105676-2021 Muhammad Ahsan Sajjad 23 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-101794-2021 Syed Muhammad Ali Ul Hassnain Fatmi 24 Electrical Engineering
BSA-101067-2021 Suhaib Intezar 25 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-111536-2021 MUHAMMAD ZOHAIB IRFAN 26 Electrical Engineering
BSA-104048-2021 Mohammad Mehran Zafar 27 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-106355-2021 Muhammad Haider Sultan 29 Electrical Engineering
BSA-111151-2021 Daniyal Ahsen Awan 30 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-101388-2021 Shumail Qaiser 31 Electrical Engineering
BSA-101054-2021 Saleha Ahmed 32 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-111299-2021 ZIA UL HAQ 33 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-110853-2021 Muhammad Aaraiz Saeed 36 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-104998-2021 Numan Ali 37 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-108366-2021 Muhammad Armaghan Shakir 39 Electrical Engineering
BSA-107512-2021 Ahmad Aziz 40 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-101036-2021 Muhammad Aleem Qureshi 42 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-100261-2021 Hassaan Ahmed Khan 43 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-105886-2021 Salman Khan 44 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-109172-2021 Muhammad Hussain Maqbool 45 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-103616-2021 FATIMAH RAHMAN 46 Electrical Engineering
BSA-106001-2021 Muhammad Kaleem Ashraf 47 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-104531-2021 Ali Raza 48 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-106245-2021 Muhmammad Abdul Rehman Bin Shahid 49 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-104142-2021 MUHAMMAD SAIM HUSSAIN 50 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-100100-2021 Omair Siddique 51 Electrical Engineering
BSA-106977-2021 Hassan Sabeeh Khalid 52 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-104644-2021 Muhammad Shayaan Malik 53 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-100453-2021 Abdul Ahad Qureshi 54 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-105316-2021 Faizyab Ali Shah 56 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-108157-2021 MISBAH RAFIQUE 57 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-103109-2021 ASHIR NADEEM 58 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-106612-2021 Ayesha Sajjad 59 Physics
BSA-106314-2021 Muhammad Usman 60 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-114430-2021 Ali Talha 61 Physics
BSA-107377-2021 Muhammad Soban Chaudhry 62 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-104975-2021 Noor Fatima 63 Physics
BSA-100259-2021 Muhammad Usman Bin Mujeeb 64 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-103690-2021 Zeeshan Akhtar 65 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-103359-2021 Muhammad Ikrama Ghouri 66 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-103524-2021 Bakhtawar Iftikhar 67 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-110609-2021 Hamza Khalid 68 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-107267-2021 Muhammad Badar Mehmood 69 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-102621-2021 Maryam ijaz 70 Electrical Engineering
BSA-100016-2021 Waleed Ashraf 71 Physics
BSA-107079-2021 SYED MOAIZ ALI SHAH 72 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-107278-2021 Dilawar Ali 73 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-102144-2021 ANIQA TUFAIL 74 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-107124-2021 Fatima Hussain 75 Electrical Engineering
BSA-111554-2021 Ahmed Raza 76 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-112424-2021 Saqlain Muhammad 77 Electrical Engineering
BSA-106348-2021 Muhammad Moeez Khattak 79 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-103053-2021 Shahmeer Imran 80 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-107112-2021 ATIF ALI 81 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-102914-2021 Muhammad Abdullah Yousuf 82 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-100952-2021 Irtaza Tahir 83 Physics
BSA-105910-2021 Aimen Farooq 84 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-108147-2021 HANAN ARIF 85 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-101726-2021 Hamza Ali 86 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-105302-2021 SHAROZ SHAHID 87 Physics
BSA-103500-2021 Maham Faiz Malik 88 Physics
BSA-106056-2021 Areeb Ahmad Chaudhry 89 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-105839-2021 ANUM ASLAM 90 Physics
BSA-100628-2021 Humayun Talal 91 Electrical Engineering
BSA-110027-2021 Amna Iqbal 92 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-106233-2021 Mahnoor Saleem 93 Physics
BSA-100414-2021 Bisma Yaseen 94 Electrical Engineering
BSA-102800-2021 Muhammad Ammar 95 Electrical Engineering
BSA-105223-2021 Hashir Aziz 96 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-106059-2021 SARDAR ALI MURAD ALI 97 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-103382-2021 Zahid Islam 98 Physics
BSA-101270-2021 Bilal Basharat 99 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-103485-2021 Muhammad Amin Yahya 100 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-108277-2021 Zainab Hameed 101 Chemical Engineering
BSA-107062-2021 MUHAMMAD TALAL NASEEM 102 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-100587-2021 Mohammad Abdullah Shaukat 103 Physics
BSA-100239-2021 Wajiha Masood 104 Physics
BSA-104367-2021 Muhammad Khuzaima 105 Electrical Engineering
BSA-104795-2021 Muhammad Abdul Basit 106 Electrical Engineering
BSA-106474-2021 MUHAMMAD SUNAID 107 Electrical Engineering
BSA-112192-2021 Samavia Bibi 108 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-108902-2021 Abdullah Wahid 109 Electrical Engineering
BSA-100115-2021 FAIZA RIAZ 110 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-114476-2021 Shamshad fareed 111 Physics
BSA-100029-2021 Muhammad Ali Mushtaq 112 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-108192-2021 Hamza Khurshid 113 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-107694-2021 MUHAMMAD TAQI RAZA KAZMI 114 Electrical Engineering
BSA-100336-2021 USMAN TAHIR 115 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-103304-2021 Syed Basim Mehmood 116 Electrical Engineering
BSA-104424-2021 HASEEB AHMAD SIDDIQUI 117 Electrical Engineering
BSA-100331-2021 Abdullah Anwar 118 Chemical Engineering
BSA-108762-2021 Muhammad Yameen Jilani 119 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-100766-2021 MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH 120 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-102114-2021 Muhammad Zaheer Raza 121 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-108978-2021 Muhammad Talha 122 Electrical Engineering
BSA-105568-2021 Rana Mahad Ahmer 123 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-106495-2021 Imbsat Noor Hashmi 124 Physics
BSA-109301-2021 Ammarah Bria 125 Physics
BSA-108198-2021 Qurrat Ul Ain 126 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-104221-2021 Muhammad Shahbaz Rafique 127 Mechanical Engineering
BSA-108816-2021 HAFSA SHAHEEN 128 Chemical Engineering
BSA-100074-2021 Abdullah Munir 129 Physics
BSA-105710-2021 Faizan Ali 130 Electrical Engineering
BSA-102633-2021 Bareera Masood 131 Electrical Engineering
BSA-101790-2021 Muhammad Huzaifa Mustafa 132 Electrical Engineering
BSA-107797-2021 HASIB ASLAM 133 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-108170-2021 SYED SAADQAIN HAIDER ZAIDI 134 Chemical Engineering
BSA-104861-2021 MUHAMMAD ZAEEM KHALID 135 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-102262-2021 Asad Taufiq Cheema 136 Electrical Engineering
BSA-102890-2021 Maryam Javed 137 Electrical Engineering
BSA-108393-2021 Syed Muhammad Hasnain 138 Electrical Engineering
BSA-104880-2021 Saddam Hussain 139 Electrical Engineering
BSA-102195-2021 Munsifuddin Ghori 140 Electrical Engineering
BSA-112654-2021 Muzammil Ahmed 141 Electrical Engineering
BSA-106342-2021 Fizza Haq 142 Electrical Engineering
BSA-100960-2021 Hamza Mehboob 143 Electrical Engineering
BSA-106477-2021 MUHAMMAD YAHYA KHAN 144 Physics
BSA-106331-2021 Mohibullah Shahzad Jadoon 145 Electrical Engineering
BSA-100037-2021 Nudrat Jawaria 146 Electrical Engineering
BSA-107547-2021 Muhammad Fawad Zafar 147 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-108785-2021 Malik Usman Karamat 148 Electrical Engineering
BSA-107755-2021 Muhammad Ammar Raza 149 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-103952-2021 Muhammad Huzaifa Ahmad 150 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-102138-2021 MUHAMMAD AWAIS 151 Chemical Engineering
BSA-111447-2021 Abdullah Wahaj 152 Physics
BSA-112915-2021 Shaiza Fatima 153 Physics
BSA-106149-2021 Manahil Munir 154 Electrical Engineering
BSA-110073-2021 Muhammad Talha 155 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-102777-2021 Hammad Ali 156 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-105918-2021 Muhammad Ali 157 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-107791-2021 Faizan Amir 158 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-106364-2021 ZAIN ABBAS 159 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-101572-2021 SYED MUSA ALI KAZMI 160 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-103494-2021 Muhammad Hassaan Naveed 161 Electrical Engineering
BSA-110377-2021 Affan Rehman 162 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-101982-2021 Muhammad Ahmad Shah 163 Physics
BSA-113012-2021 Alishba Malik 164 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-108045-2021 MUHAMMAD SULEMAN ZAHOOR 165 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-103503-2021 Muhammad asim 166 Physics
BSA-107095-2021 Hamza Siraj 167 Electrical Engineering
BSA-101550-2021 MUHAMMAD MUNEEB MOHSIN 168 Electrical Engineering
BSA-111789-2021 Khadija muzammil 169 Electrical Engineering
BSA-106074-2021 Rukhaima maryam 170 Electrical Engineering
BSA-107113-2021 Sayyed Hamad 171 Physics
BSA-108565-2021 Syed Wahaj Raza Zaidi 172 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-102224-2021 UMAR SHAKHBAZ AHMAD 173 Electrical Engineering
BSA-103173-2021 AIMAN RIAZ 174 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-100215-2021 Fahad Ali 175 Physics
BSA-109885-2021 Muhammad Jahad Tariq 176 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-104465-2021 Emama Nugman 177 Computer and Information Sciences
BSA-110717-2021 Imran Hyder 178 Electrical Engineering
BSA-110661-2021 MUHAMMAD HASSAAN TEHSEEN 179 Waiting
BSA-108472-2021 Muhammad Saad Tariq 180 Electrical Engineering
BSA-100455-2021 Hassaan Asghar 181 Waiting
BSA-113310-2021 Anas Bashir 182 Physics
BSA-101695-2021 ZAEEM MUZAMMIL 183 Electrical Engineering
BSA-106555-2021 Muhammad Tayyab 184 Chemical Engineering
BSA-101537-2021 Muhammad Adil Saleem 185 Electrical Engineering
BSA-112427-2021 MUDASSAR IJAZ 186 Electrical Engineering
BSA-107143-2021 Muhammad Shayan Khan Babar 187 Electrical Engineering
BSA-101729-2021 Faseeh Ahmed 188 Electrical Engineering
BSA-101477-2021 Abdullah Faisal 189 Electrical Engineering
BSA-104413-2021 Syeda Sameen Fatima 190 Physics
BSA-111233-2021 Saad bin arshad 191 Electrical Engineering
BSA-111007-2021 Narmeen Sabah Siddiqui 192 Electrical Engineering
BSA-103426-2021 Ahmed Raza 193 Electrical Engineering
BSA-106688-2021 Hassam Abdullah Khan 194 Electrical Engineering
BSA-101879-2021 Muhammad Umer 195 Electrical Engineering
BSA-108100-2021 IMAN NOOR 196 Electrical Engineering
BSA-114422-2021 Inam ul haq 197 Physics
BSA-102515-2021 MUHAMMD AHMAD BILAL 198 Electrical Engineering
BSA-103622-2021 muhammd azmat ullah 199 Electrical Engineering
BSA-108668-2021 Ali Hassan 200 Waiting
BSA-102542-2021 Rayan Rasheed 201 Electrical Engineering
BSA-102576-2021 Adil Kaleem 202 Electrical Engineering
BSA-113067-2021 Azmat Khan 203 Physics
BSA-103785-2021 Umar Ali 204 Electrical Engineering
BSA-102506-2021 Muhammad Inaam Ul Haq 205 Electrical Engineering
BSA-109938-2021 Muhammad Hassan Zaman 206 Physics
BSA-102580-2021 Muhammad Ahsan Khan 207 Electrical Engineering
BSA-101916-2021 Ayesha Muneer 208 Chemical Engineering
BSA-101168-2021 Muhammad Irtiza Khalid 209 Waiting
BSA-105277-2021 MUHAMMAD DAOOD BUTT 210 Electrical Engineering
BSA-106451-2021 HAFSA HASSAN 211 Electrical Engineering
BSA-100205-2021 Muhammad Ahmad Nazir 212 Electrical Engineering
BSA-100551-2021 Moeed Ahmed Malik 213 Electrical Engineering
BSA-105280-2021 Muhammad Muaaz Aamer 214 Waiting
BSA-106670-2021 Muhammad Saad Ijaz 215 Electrical Engineering
BSA-103271-2021 Ahmad Kamal Shaheryar 216 Chemical Engineering
BSA-113004-2021 Mirza Hasan Baig 217 Electrical Engineering
BSA-100883-2021 MUHAMMAD AHMAD SALEEM 218 Electrical Engineering
BSA-113364-2021 Muhammad Huzaifa Khan 219 Waiting
BSA-100113-2021 Muhammad Sufiyan Sadiq 220 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-109992-2021 Syed Haider Ali 221 Physics
BSA-103572-2021 Muhammad Mateen 222 Physics
BSA-105362-2021 Hafsa Malik 224 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-102618-2021 Malik Ahmad Mukhtar 225 Chemical Engineering
BSA-108243-2021 Taha Ahmer 226 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-109045-2021 Laiba Irshad 227 Chemical Engineering
BSA-101446-2021 Asad Javed 228 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-103773-2021 Awais Tahseen 229 Waiting
BSA-100678-2021 MUHAMMAD SAAD SARFRAZ 230 Chemical Engineering
BSA-104868-2021 Hassaan Bilal 231 Waiting
BSA-112553-2021 HIRA ANMOL 232 Physics
BSA-103535-2021 UZMA IJAZ 233 Physics
BSA-105094-2021 Hassan Naveed Khan 234 Waiting
BSA-109800-2021 Muhammad Faiq 235 Physics
BSA-109392-2021 Numaira Atif 236 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-107687-2021 Muhammad Rayan ur Rehman Qureshi 237 Chemical Engineering
BSA-112246-2021 Shahmeer Sheraz 238 Chemical Engineering
BSA-101854-2021 Sajid hamid 239 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-103299-2021 FARAN HASNAIN 240 Chemical Engineering
BSA-104915-2021 Abdul Fatir 241 Chemical Engineering
BSA-105629-2021 HAMZA SAEED 242 Chemical Engineering
BSA-105562-2021 Muhammad Uzair 243 Chemical Engineering
BSA-101901-2021 Muhammad Khizer Tariq 244 Physics
BSA-109362-2021 Rimsha Jawad 245 Chemical Engineering
BSA-106865-2021 Zahra Ali Haque 246 Physics
BSA-113286-2021 Saif Ur Rehman 247 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-106653-2021 Abubakar Javed 248 Waiting
BSA-105137-2021 Faakhir Khurram 249 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-113664-2021 Rao Abdul Saboor 250 Physics
BSA-104930-2021 MUHAMMAD ABRAR SALEEM 251 Waiting
BSA-102910-2021 Taha Ahmed 252 Physics
BSA-100616-2021 Muhammad Taha Mukhtar 253 Waiting
BSA-100318-2021 Abdul Hadi 254 Waiting
BSA-106634-2021 Muhammad Qasim 255 Chemical Engineering
BSA-101817-2021 Abdullah Dar 256 Waiting
BSA-107711-2021 Muhammad Balaaj Ahmed Shah 257 Waiting
BSA-100973-2021 Abdul Muqsit Noorani 258 Physics
BSA-113076-2021 Maria Farooq 259 Waiting
BSA-108697-2021 Faryal Huma 260 Waiting
BSA-104647-2021 MUHAMMAD ISMAEEL BUTT 261 Waiting
BSA-112868-2021 Javeria Batool 262 Chemical Engineering
BSA-100693-2021 Mahnoor Ibrar 263 Waiting
BSA-108225-2021 Muhammad ali saad 264 Chemical Engineering
BSA-105392-2021 Muhammad Hanzallah 265 Chemical Engineering
BSA-104197-2021 Mansoor Sultan 266 Chemical Engineering
BSA-103116-2021 SYED HUZAIFA AHMED HASHMI 267 Waiting
BSA-101590-2021 Muhammad Abdul Rehman Sial 268 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-103509-2021 AQEEL HUSSAIN AWAN 269 Waiting
BSA-100026-2021 Ukasha Abbas 270 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-112649-2021 Aizaz Hussain 271 Waiting
BSA-101240-2021 Muhammad Daud 272 Chemical Engineering
BSA-110886-2021 Suleman Khan 273 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-106787-2021 Kiran Maheen 274 Waiting
BSA-102148-2021 REHMAN ULLAH FAHEEM 275 Waiting
BSA-104809-2021 Mohammad Usman Ali 276 Chemical Engineering
BSA-101313-2021 AYESHA MAQSOOD 277 Chemical Engineering
BSA-106553-2021 MUHAMMAD SHAHEER HAMAYUN 278 Chemical Engineering
BSA-105134-2021 Noor-Us-Sama Tariq 279 Chemical Engineering
BSA-100640-2021 HIFZ U REHMAN 280 Waiting
BSA-102023-2021 Muhammad Ibrahim 281 Chemical Engineering
BSA-103489-2021 Raja Muhammad Affan 283 Waiting
BSA-106939-2021 MUZAMMIL AHMAD 284 Chemical Engineering
BSA-104500-2021 Muhammad Usman Baig 285 Chemical Engineering
BSA-101276-2021 Najah Azhar 286 Chemical Engineering
BSA-107163-2021 Mirza Usman Siddique 287 Chemical Engineering
BSA-107523-2021 MUHAMMAD TALHA ARSHAD 288 Chemical Engineering
BSA-103562-2021 EISHA ARSHAD MALIK 289 Chemical Engineering
BSA-100355-2021 Javeria Tahir 290 Waiting
BSA-104360-2021 MUHAMMAD ZAIN 291 Chemical Engineering
BSA-101331-2021 Zaeem Khan 292 Chemical Engineering
BSA-105952-2021 ABDUL WAHAB 293 Chemical Engineering
BSA-102920-2021 Muhammad Umer Farooq 294 Chemical Engineering
BSA-105273-2021 Hamza farooq 295 Waiting
BSA-107987-2021 Chaudhri Abdur Raheem 296 Chemical Engineering
BSA-100758-2021 Shoaib Akhter 297 Waiting
BSA-100575-2021 Rizwan Ullah 298 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-103033-2021 Muhammad Tariq Akhtar 299 Waiting
BSA-107483-2021 Umair khan 300 Chemical Engineering
BSA-100332-2021 DANISH WASEEM 301 Chemical Engineering
BSA-113100-2021 Muhammad Saqlain 302 Waiting
BSA-105365-2021 Muhammad Talha Khan 303 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-106965-2021 Fizza Fatima 304 Waiting
BSA-113749-2021 Abdullah Latif 305 Waiting
BSA-105285-2021 MUHAMMAD SARIM 306 Chemical Engineering
BSA-107995-2021 Ghulam Hussain Khan Sherwani 307 Waiting
BSA-105048-2021 Hadeed Insha 308 Waiting
BSA-100292-2021 Muzammil Anwar 309 Waiting
BSA-100494-2021 Iman Tayyab 310 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-104661-2021 Zaineb 311 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-104700-2021 Syed Osama Monawwer 312 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-100491-2021 Abdullah Siddiqui 313 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-101227-2021 Yusuf Haroon 314 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-100910-2021 MUHAMMAD AHTSHAM KHALID 315 Waiting
BSA-101606-2021 Hafiz Muhammad Bin Aslam 316 Waiting
BSA-105532-2021 HASAN ALI 317 Waiting
BSA-102217-2021 Zuha Fatima 318 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-113070-2021 Muhammad Mahad Asim 319 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-113072-2021 Kashif Arslan 320 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-100083-2021 Wajieh Badar 321 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-100996-2021 Muhammad Hamza Khalid 322 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-102026-2021 Amna Bushra 323 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-104501-2021 Baqir Muhammad 324 Waiting
BSA-106609-2021 Muhammad Hassan Shoaib 325 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-104665-2021 Saad Ul Haq Mian 326 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-108268-2021 Abdul Hanan 328 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-102243-2021 Muhammad Saad Khan 329 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-100238-2021 Syed Hassaan Bukhari 330 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-113182-2021 Awais Ahmed 331 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-112907-2021 Wasif Mehmood 332 Waiting
BSA-104922-2021 Muhammad Talha 333 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-101768-2021 Muhammad Aun Afzal 334 Waiting
BSA-106356-2021 Saqib Ali 335 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-109797-2021 Abdul Basit 336 Waiting
BSA-108879-2021 IMRAN WAHEED 337 Waiting
BSA-102176-2021 Taha Hassan 338 Waiting
BSA-111131-2021 MUHAMMAD WASEEM 339 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-104484-2021 MUHAMMAD TALHA 340 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-105255-2021 Muhammad Sufyan Ghani 341 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-108083-2021 Syed Atiq Ali Shah 343 Waiting
BSA-103167-2021 Umer Afzal 344 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-109604-2021 Abdurrahim muhammad ghani 345 Waiting
BSA-110272-2021 MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH IHSAN 346 Waiting
BSA-113311-2021 Zobia Ilyas 347 Waiting
BSA-100614-2021 Maryam Javed 348 Waiting
BSA-101412-2021 MUHAMMAD HAMZA AZHAR 349 Waiting
BSA-106802-2021 Amna Imran Nagi 350 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-101707-2021 Khola Rauf 351 Waiting
BSA-105605-2021 Muhammad Faizan Muneer 352 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-104404-2021 Ali Awais 353 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-109920-2021 Muhammad Mughees Raza Kiyani 354 Waiting
BSA-101300-2021 Afaq ahmad 355 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-106617-2021 Pakeeza Hussain 356 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-114551-2021 M. Hamza Tariq 357 Waiting
BSA-106658-2021 Farah Jahangir 358 Waiting
BSA-100791-2021 Muhammad Subhan Furjam 359 Waiting
BSA-112895-2021 MUHAMMAD RIZWAN RIZVI 360 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-109856-2021 Zafar abbas 361 Waiting
BSA-106013-2021 Hanzala Akbar 362 Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
BSA-110264-2021 Muhammad Saif 363 Waiting
BSA-102281-2021 Faran Ahmed 364 Waiting
BSA-111511-2021 Muhammad Aly Yousaf 366 Waiting
BSA-102438-2021 Samia Hebbah 367 Waiting
BSA-100586-2021 FIZZA KHALID 368 Waiting
BSA-105959-2021 Syed Muhammad Ali Rizvi 369 Waiting
BSA-107121-2021 Muhammad Usayd Imran 370 Waiting
BSA-105932-2021 Muhammad Tuaha Yasin 371 Waiting
BSA-106337-2021 Fatima Arshad Cheema 372 Waiting
BSA-108049-2021 Anas Waleed Tahir 373 Waiting
BSA-112767-2021 Muneeb Ahmed 374 Waiting
BSA-108280-2021 Syed Abbas Ahmad 375 Waiting
BSA-103787-2021 Omer Arshad 376 Waiting
BSA-107412-2021 Fareeha Nazar 377 Waiting
BSA-101510-2021 Kiran Fatima Kayani 378 Waiting
BSA-105314-2021 Muqdas Naz 379 Waiting
BSA-102570-2021 Sabir Hussain 380 Waiting
BSA-104765-2021 Hassan Ali Irtaza 381 Waiting
BSA-102244-2021 Zohaib Zaheer Rao 382 Waiting
BSA-112269-2021 AHMED OBAID ULLAH 383 Waiting
BSA-101843-2021 Rehaan Khan 384 Waiting
BSA-105236-2021 Muhammad Waasay Siddiqui 385 Waiting
BSA-102354-2021 Muhammad Maahd Junaid 386 Waiting
BSA-100606-2021 Muhammad Mubashir 387 Waiting
BSA-106770-2021 Faria Ghani 388 Waiting
BSA-105997-2021 Shamir Nadeem 389 Waiting
BSA-110411-2021 Arooj ishtiaq 390 Waiting
BSA-108138-2021 Azzan Rauf 391 Waiting
BSA-106528-2021 MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH 392 Waiting
BSA-108592-2021 Hassan Mehmood 393 Waiting
BSA-105463-2021 Umer Mehmood 394 Waiting
BSA-107782-2021 Muhammad Waseem Khan 395 Waiting
BSA-105781-2021 UZMA TAHIR 396 Waiting
BSA-105252-2021 Muhammad Rizwan 397 Waiting
BSA-100345-2021 Muizuddin Muhammad Yusuf 398 Waiting
BSA-106932-2021 Abubakar tahir 399 Waiting
BSA-103905-2021 Adeel Ahmed 400 Waiting
Shortlisted applicants below this merit are on Waiting List